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The world decision power will be focused in Bucharest

The protection of the most important world personalities who will take part at the NATO Summit rests with a young Romanian general who was designated to coordinate the National Security Committee for the NATO Summit, Lucian Silvan Pahontu, the chief of Protection and Guard Service (SPP).

What is the dimension, from the security point of view, of the presence to Bucharest of the most important people in the world? Can we talk about world security?

Starting from the security provided worldwide, the responsibilities established in the memorandum are implemented through a permanent cooperation among the institutions with prerogatives in the field of national security, and among these institutions and their counterparts from the NATO nations and not only. As a conclusion, we can say that, for three days, the world decision power will be focused in Bucharest, and the security measures are taken with a view to the world security.

What type of security measures will be taken in order to provide optimal conditions for this historical meeting?

In order to avoid and prevent any risks or threats, even unforseeable ones, the summit security concept includes measures meant to secure, first and foremost, the venues of the summit sessions, official dinners and bilateral meetings. We have also established a secured perimeter in which we have included the airports for the arrivals and departures of the delegations, the travel routes and the accommodation venues. We could talk about the physical protection for dignitaries, the protection of communications, the protection of the venues used by the dignitaries, of the travel routes, about the organization, protection and security of transportation and about medical and food protection.

Why are the Romanian and US Presidents meeting on the shore of the Black Sea?

The meeting of the two heads of state represents a bilateral meeting that is not related to the Summit in Bucharest. This might be exactly the reason why the seaside was chosen as its venue. For us, this means that the security perimeter must be extended to the shore of the Black Sea. The security measures are not different from the above-mentioned ones, only the space to which they are applied is different.

The UN Secretary General, a historical presence?

Indeed, the world still witnesses many conflicts. The international security environment is rapidly changing, the proliferation of the new risks and threats increase the insecurity aspects. I believe that the presence to Bucharest of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon represents a new proof of the consolidation of the new global security architecture, which has been an increasingly important concern of the international community.

Victor Roncea

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