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Romanian President criticizes officials who signed Treaty with Ukraine

The President of Romania Traian Basescu was very critical of those Romanian officials who had signed the Treaty with Ukraine in 1996, thus proving "unable to protect national interest". More exactly, the persons he meant are the ex President of Romania Emil Constantinescu, the ex foreign minister Adrian Severin and presidency adviser Zoe Petre.

The President commented in his interview last Monday: "Sooner or later we shall have to do honest analysis of the circumstances under which the Romanian politicians signed the Treaty with Ukraine." He claimed certain points in the treaty should have been differently approached in negotiations.

President Basescu developed upon the issue: "I am not saying they pushed it a little bit too far. Those who pushed it too far are nowdays very critical, although they would sign treaties with Ukraine taking the Kiev orders like absolute servants. So they are now making much fuss that Romania is a member of NATO and EU, but there is no treaty with the Moldovan Republic. But there are such politicians in Romania. After making it they come up with cheap, ungrounded and false patriotism. (...) It is also about great ex foreign ministers how are teaching us lessons now, but who were unable to protect national interest." But the President would give no name.

The head of state highlighted that, although the NATO membership was the priority at that time, things should have been made clear or left out of the treaty and subject to more talks. He added: "Because of our weakness in negotiations, Romania is now involved in a Hague lawsuit, trying to adjust some legitimate interests." And he concluded: "I am sorry I have divagated. But there are now too many years that I have been putting up with the naughtiness of some who gave the country away and left national interest at the door when signing the Treaty with Ukraine." He just mentioned he was a full supporter of a status such as the Membership Action Plan to be offered to Ukraine.

Emil Constantinescu: Treaty was meant to protect the "Moldovan minority"

The ex Romanian President Emil Constantinescu replied calling President Basescu's opinion "allegations" and adding the treaty at stake supported Romania's national interest, "providing a juridical basis for the protection of the Romanian and Moldovan minority in Ukraine".

The ex President argued that an idea such as "orders from Kiev" for the Romanian officials who had signed the Treaty with Ukraine was false. He claimed that, as a member of the government at that time, he knew it very where that there had been no pressure at all.

According to the ex President, to start a dispute between Romania and Ukraine at times when the NATO summit is getting ready to tackle Ukraine's accession to NATO is a clue on Romania's improper approach. He concluded: "Basescu seems to support the Russian Federation approach rather than the US one, although he pretends to be their loyal ally." (A.H., O.B.)

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