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Monica Iacob-Ridzi appointed rapporteur for Parliament of Europe

The Parliament of Europe appointed Monica Iacob-Ridzi, a Romanian Euro-deputy representing the Democrat-Liberal Party, a rapporteur for the Action Plan on the European labor market mobility for 2007-2010.

Monica Iacob-Ridzi will have to come up with solutions to do away with the obstacles some member states set on the labor market and also to achieve mutual recognition of social and pension rights. The Euro-deputy commented: "As a rapporteur, I am going to pursue the elimination of arbitrary restrictions on the labor market, imposed against Romanian citizens. I will see that the Parliament's view is firm. This is a fundamental right within European citizenship and this is why we must carry it out."

The issue is of great important to Romania, there is reminded, because no less than 12 old EU states have settled restrictions on Romanian employees. (D.I.)

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