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Invisible military

Ioan Mihai Pacepa uncovers the truth about the DIE (Foreign Intelligence Department): the network that used to fuel Ceausescu's bank accounts, made up of thousands of under cover officers, is almost intact and its members are getting rich.

The ex dictator's mercenaries became legal by Decree 363, one of the most secret documents in the history of Communist Romania. The document on the structure and activity of Ceausescu's spies was so secret that not even PM Manea Manescu knew what he was signing. "How much is the CIA paying you to say what is in that Decree?" was the question the supreme commander asked Manescu, who was insisting to see the law.

According to the Decree, the DIE conspiracy officers had the right to double identities. The DIE could grand a military rank to any employee, no matter the post, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Trade, the National Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Cults or any other institution with business abroad.

The DIE officers used to deal with the stealing of economy and military information, with grabbing money from Romanian immigrants, with the selling of Jews and Germans. The spies were rewarded with dollars, secret wages in the bank accounts of the CEC (Romanian Savings Bank) and official posts in Western states and job promotions. The invisible military made a tyrant a rich man with hundreds of million dollars. According to Pacepa, at a certain moment in the network there were 3,280 under cover officers who would report to Ceausescu only. Even today they continue to have fake work records, soldier's records, identity cards and papers that prove they worked for civil institutions. Moreover, they are now free to work and get rich. (D.I.)

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