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LATEST - In Brief

The Danube on the black list

The Danube River is on the list of the 10 rivers jeopardized by breakwaters, pollution and climate changes, announces the WWF by press release. According to the WWF report "World's Top 10 Rivers at Risk" published yesterday, 80% of the humid areas of the Danube faded in the last 200 years because of breakwaters and diking.

Warning is expressed that more than 85% of the Danube may not meet the objectives set in the EU Directive on Water Level on the ecological quality of water for all Europe's waters until 2015.

The WWF warns that in the Trans-European Network for Transport there have already been settled new infrastructure works on the Danube, involving the elimination of rapids, meant to improve navigation. There is mentioned that such projects are a menace to two main areas in Romania, where they have planned to destroy the rapids by deepening the riverbed. (...) (L.M.)

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