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LATEST - In Brief

Final fracture

Tariceanu postponed, yesterday, the Euro-elections till autumn. The PD (Democrat Party) ministers didn't sign the Emergency ordinance. Basescu accuses the building up of a new Coalition: PNL (National Liberal Party) - PSD (Social-Democrat Party, now in opposition) - PRM (Great Romania Party, opposition) - PC (Conservative Party).

The Prime Minister assumed yesterday the decision of postponing the date of the election for the European Parliamentary, through an Emergency Ordinance, in spite of the opposition of the president and of PD. The refuse of the minister of Interior to sign the legislative document made Tariceanu ask this one to go and find another Executive. After a final attempt to persuade the PM not to postpone the election, Traian Basescu accused him of secret agreements with PSD and let him know the reasons of this postponement are false. The next step in the war between PNL and PD shall be, according to official sources, a restructuring of the Executive when the PM removes the Democrats from the Government.(...) (Ovidiu BANCHES, Raluca PAPADOPOL, Carmen EPURAN)

PNL threatens

PNL vice-chairman Crin Antonescu sent an ultimatum to the Democrat ministers: either they observe and sign the decisions made by Tariceanu Cabinet, or leave to the Opposition. He also warned Emil Boc's party members that, given the situation, the Liberals would search for an alternative for governing and would try to secure themselves a majority support in the Parliament. "The Democrats are in Tariceanu Cabinet. If they don't back up the Government's decisions, they should leave to the Opposition. We'll find a new governmental formula and a parliamentary majority to back up the new team", Crin Antonescu roared. (R.G.)

PD doesn't sign

The PD ministers will not sign any draft of a normative document aiming at postponing the election for the European Parliament.

The decision has been made after an extraordinary meeting of the PD leadership, in which all the State secretaries and the Democrat ministers participated, Monica Macovei also.(C.E.)

Ministry of Justice does not approve the draft

The Ministry of Justice sent to the General Secretariat of the Government a Note containing remarks and propositions regarding the draft on the postponement of the Euro-parliamentary election, pointing out that the act does not meet the legal requirements for approval. According to the Ministry of Justice, the Note for substantiating the draft is not signed by the minister of Administration and Interior, in his capacity of an initiator.

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