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Cap thrown over windmills

Public opinion is more and more often facing new information about the Golden Blitz clan, guided by the very President of Romania Traian Basescu. Elena Udrea, wife of Mr. Cocos and formerly a friend and adviser of Traian Basescu, is in the center of this clan. The information people get to learn concerns corruption at the highest level possible, just as in the case of the third note, which ZIUA unmasked yesterday.

Basescu committed traffic of influence and he is to be under criminal investigations. It is sensational that the most recent story depicts Elena Udrea in tandem with Traian Basescu, both of them very active in accusing others of complicity related to illegitimate groups of interests. After all, what was their reason? As far as politics is concerned, isn't their aggressive action suicide, since they themselves prove to be guilty of committing what they accuse the others of having committed? Or has this been a failing precautionary operation of the 'attack and you won't be attacked' kind?

The connection of Elena Udrea, Cocos, the whole Golden Blitz clan and the Art Constructii '92 Company that Dumitru Bucsaru owns is not of recent date. As far as the ZIUA investigative journalists are concerned, it is true that after reaching the document signed by Basescu it was the first time they had to get details faster than ever. Until yesterday we had no occasion to report on the businessman now in the center of a scandal regarding the head of state. In the spring of 2005, shortly after reaching Cotroceni Palace, Basescu became the official to recuperate some debts.

It is absolutely amazing that when you google Bucsaru and the three names of his company, whose identity he tried to hide, details start to come out. Lots of publications, even some attached to Cotroceni Palace such as 'Evenimentul Zilei' daily, and some opposing Basescu overtly have unveiled information in the course of time. They have expressed warnings generally related to the 'successful combinations' Bucsaru achieved with the Ministry of Transport before reaching TOP 300. He did it under the guidance of Basescu, of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) and of Basescu again. The latest episode that ZIUA has unveiled took place when the very cautious Gheorghe Dobre was a minister of transport due to Basescu. Dobre's main task was not to settle transport matters and build highways, but to catch Mitrea red handed. For months on end all that Dobre did was search the archive belonging to the Ministry of Transport for clues because of which the PSD leader could get to the Prosecutor's Office. He met Bucsaru's claim to get back 110 billion ROL and thus help Traian Basescu's specific solicitation. It was one of the few ministry documents Dobre settled.

After ZIUA disclosed the information yesterday there have followed embarrassing attempts to defend Basescu's stained image. It is most embarrassing that Presidency, a public institution, claims its staff has got to reply to absolutely all solicitations and send replies hand-written by the President himself. This is sheer lie. The President wrote notes only when doing favors, when Theodor Stolojan, Elena Udrea and other "advisers" kindly asked him for it. Or he did it on his own to pay his electoral debts. It is now proved that his offensive against corruption and illegitimate groups of interests has been just a failing precautionary operation. As for Elena Udrea's insults against me uttered on TV, they are worthy of no comment at all.


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