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LATEST - In Brief

Adversaries of democracy

(...) Yesterday the AMP (Press Monitoring Agency) joined the NGOs criticizing the unconstitutionality of the emergency ordinances stealthily adopted at the end of last year, documents that increase prosecutors' powers.

The AMP comments that the Romanian Justice officials' response to public reproaches is no soothe, but on the contrary, it causes more concern.

The Romanian Justice minister Monica Macovei claimed last Thursday that that the amendments to Emergency Ordinance 131 on the Department for Investigations on Organized Crime and Terrorism were meant "to discredit prosecutors". The AMP describes the minister's warning as a message "part of the argumentation traditionally used by the adversaries of democracy, in their attempt to discourage critique of officials' abuses."

The AMP mentioned: "The access to information about the communication between two persons, grounded only on a prosecutor's decision, with no consent from a judge, is a measure opening Pandora's Box. The lack of checks by an institution independent on that of prosecutors, checks that would guarantee the protection of citizens' right to privacy, is in contradiction with the ECHR jurisdiction and also with a concept such as the rule of law."


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