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LATEST - In Brief

SJP works on 'The White Book of Romanian Journalists'

Robert Turceascu launched the SJP (Society of Professional Journalists) yesterday, an organization he is head of. In Romania there are now more than 30 media organizations, but the SJP hopes the difference will emerge in terms of professional training programmes and activities to improve the standards of Romanian professional journalists.

The newly made organization is mainly aimed at the new wave journalists working after 1989, but not only. The SJP has got support from the kin organization in Germany, which includes 40,000 members and uses clear and transparent criteria to select members.

The SJP wants to achieve a census on Romanian journalists from answers to a questionnaire to be found at www.sjp.ro. The data is also to be used for "The White Book of Romanian Journalists" to be launched next year. The criteria to select future members are to be announced after the GFK accomplishes sociological research. (...) (D.M.C.)

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