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LATEST - In Brief

ECHR warns Romania

The ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) warned on Romanian local authorities' refusal to apply the law on land property. Although Romanian courts demanded local commissions to use these laws for decisions on property and property titles, commissions have disobeyed.

The ECHR criticized Romania for disobedience to legislation. Beatrice Ramascanu, governmental agent for the ECHR, elaborated a document for all Prefect Houses in Romania, explaining that the ECHR reached decisions on several Romanian trials on the right to land property, in relation to laws 18/1991 and 1/2000. (...)

The ECHR noticed Romanian authorities' refusal to obey final court sentences and opined such an attitude actually broke Article 6 in the European Convention. (...) (G.T.)

Articol disponibil la adresa http://www.ziua.net/display.php?id=196513&data=2006-03-25