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LATEST - In Brief

Spain perceives Romanians as poor, dirty and hard-working

Romanian immigrants are hard-working, but they have got something to do with criminality. Romania is mainly associated to povery, dirt, Transylvania, Dracula and vampires. These are some of the conclusions in a survey authored by Mercury Research and the OpiPublic Data Sampling, Spain, upon request from the Governmental Strategy Agency.

The survey is called "Romania's image in Spain" and it shows that negative opinions on Romanians prevail, together with little willingness to be tolerant.

Still half of the Spanish citizens have got a rather good or very good opinion of the immigrants in their country, whereas 43% express negative opinions. But the first things Romania is spontaneously related to in the minds of the Spanish are povery and dirt (21%). There follows criminality (9%), the Roma (5%),and economy difficulties such as unemployment (5%). There are about 4% who relate Romania to Dracula, Transylvania and vampires. Still the most frequent association is criminality (17%).

Two thirds of the Spanish are unable to mention a well-known Romanian personality (67%), and 16% can only say the name of Nicolae Ceausescu, Dracula, Nadia Comaneci and a few soccer players. (...) (O.R.)

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