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Cozma wants to take up politics

As he has just been freed from prison, Mirom Cozma, the ex leader of Romanian coal miners, is trying to strike back to the foreground by means of two targets: release of imprisoned union leaders and coming-out in politics. But there were only 150 miners who went out to meet him after 10 years, during the demonstrations he arranged to plead for the release of 3 ex union leaders: Constantin Cretan, Dorin Lois and Vasile Lupu. "You make me feel ashamed", he confessed.

The solodarity march that took place in the locality of Lupeni, Romania, was arranged by "The Miron Cozma League of Workers, Unemployed and Socially Disfavored". But it was a disappointment to the ex union leader. Therefore he criticized the miners for very few attended the demonstrations and also for having done nothing in the 10 years he had been imprisoned. He told them: "I am ashamed to say this, especially to the press, but you make me feel ashamed. I can't recognize you, you are not the miners I used to know. A true miner doesn't let his mates suffer for 10 years. You did nothing, while I spent 10 years in prison and other mates of yours are going through hard times in Romanian prisons."

Yesterday's march was just the opening of a series of demonstrations and marches meant to get the ex union leaders out of prison, he commented. He warned otherwise there would follow "more complex" union events.

Last Saturday Miron Cozma also announced he was asking for the reopening of the criminal cases in which himself and more ex miner union leaders had been sentenced to prison, because of involvement in the coal miners' attacks in 1990. He said he intended to establish a new party to protect workers' rights. (R.I.P.)

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