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LATEST - In Brief

Sexual aggression is out of question

The lawsuit against Romanian Romulus Mailat is due to start soon. The Italian prosecutors investigating the death of Giovanna Reggiani have decided to drop the sexual aggression charge and stick only to murder and theft, without holding any preliminary questioning. Magistrates have demanded for the classification of the testimony belonging to the son of the main eyewitness in the case, because it couldn't be checked.

The Italian press was reporting last week that magistrates were investigating the son of the witness. Romulus Mailat said the latter was the murderer. There is also the fact that he lacked a reliable alibi.

According to Mediafax agency, during the first questionings Romulus Mailat gave no detail to show him innocent, but when talking to the magistrates he presently claimed the son of witness Emilia was an accomplice: "We went shopping. When returning I met with Emilia's son and then with that lady. 'Let's rob her', my friend told me. " And he admitted he had agreed to do it. 'I ran away with the purse. When I came back, I saw he had killed that lady."

The prosecution is waiting for the results of analyzes on a bloodstain discovered on a pillar in Tor di Quinto and also of the bloodstains on the victim's purse. Magistrates haven't got available the recordings of the calls on Giovanna Reggiani's phone, which couldn't be recuperated. (D.E.I.)

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