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Why is President Basescu silent?

The leaders of the PNL (National Liberal Party) have been tackling three versions of a government these days: a coalition with the PD (Democrat Party), a Liberal government with parliamentary majority support and the transfer to the opposition. Radical Liberals are insisting for the making of a Liberal government, but this choice has got several disadvantages. The first and the greatest one is that Tariceanu's team would become just a tool close to the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), who would pursue their own interests. And there is also the fact that the Liberals' electorate would categorically dislike the collaboration with the PSD, even if unofficial.

On the other hand, the Democrats' transfer to the opposition is the oxygen balloon that President Basescu needs. As a party in the opposition, the PD would take action on all the Tariceanu Cabinet. President Basescu would thus regain his total influence over the party and get reinforced for new political offensives.

Another point the Liberals are considering is that the Democrats' absence from the government would compromise the relations with the latter for a long time. "We want to have spare room for negotiations with the PD for unexpected situations", Liberal sources claim. Therefore this is the last option on the list.

The Liberals' transfer to the opposition is a spectacular move some leaders are enthusiastic about, but thorough debate shows it to be unachievable. Still one advantage of it would be to let the PD go through political exhaustion and another would consist in more freedom of action for the Liberals, some PNL top members assume. On the other hand, such a change may open way to domestic disputes within the PNL, which is why the leaders have to be more cautious.

A PNL-PD government is the version that, at least theoretically, Liberal leaders seem to prefer. Such a team would put an end to the conflicts and restore calm on the stage of politics. But Presidency's response, describing the terms as irreconcilable, has weakened this possible choice of the Liberals, PNL sources say.

We need to mention the Social-Democrats' pressure with leader Mircea Geoana asking the PM to restructure the government by Easter. Geoana has also warned the PM that he is pushing his dispute with President Basescu too far. Rumor has it that a government made of Democrats, Liberal-Democrats and representatives of the Democrat Union of Magyars is also likely.

This is the political background against which the head of state is keeping silent. And there are several reasons why he is silent. First because he has got no solutions left for now and secondly because he can see that unofficial and also subversive negotiations on power have started and surprise may follow. And not last he is silent because he is waiting for the PM to make the next move.

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