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Confirmation from Cotroceni Palace

The DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) prosecutors questioned Lavinia Sandru, a vice president of the PIN (National Initiative Party), yesterday. The hearing was on Sandru's complaint written last montj, regarding the 'suitcases full of money' scandal. Lavinia Sandru provided a document by which Presidency Administration admitted there had been meetings between Theodor Stolojan, a presidency adviser, and the representatives of the ALRO Company.

Before reaching the hearing room Sandru explained she had been summoned as witness, which she couldn't understand, since she was the denouncer who had written the complaint on the statements made by the President of Romania Traian Basescu and the ex economy minister Codrut Seres on the 'suitcases full of money' fetched by the ALRO representatives to the economy minister or Presidency. She mentioned: "I don't understand why I was summoned as witness. I am neither Elena Udrea nor Theodor Stolojan or Traian Basescu. I didn't meet with the ALRO people, I don't even know them".

After the hearing she explained that she was not categorizesd as witness, but as denouncer, which she was. She mentioned she had argued in front of the prosecutors that thorough research was highly important, because it was about cheap electricity and alleged tricks played by the Romanian Presidency or Government, about bribes to some politicians. (...)

As for the document she brought yesterday, she said it consisted in a reply from Presidency Administration to her request for the stenograms of the meetings between presidency adviser Theodor Stolojan and the ALRO representatives. She explained that Presidency Administration admitted such meetings had taken place, but claimed there were no stenograms. (...)

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