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Anti-Basescu scenario

The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) wants the President of Romanian suspended at any costs, even if the party has to interpret the law in a certain manner. Mircea Geoana's Social-Democrats considered yesterday the idea to declare the referendum on the suspension the President invalid unless 9 million Romanians went voting. The idea emerged after the Constitutional Court's decision, according to which the President may not be suspended on grounds of simple majority only.

In the PSD view, if the referendum isn't validated, there should follow another referendum and in the meantime President Basescu is to be suspended. The PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) and the PC (Conservative Party) joined the plan at once. The three parties also want to come up with a chain of parliamentary motions against Democrat ministers and boycott the Romanian Minister of Justice until she leaves the government. (...)

The realm of speculation

PSD sources say the idea belongs to Dan Nica, who suggested it in yesterday's meeting of PSD members. Some Social-Democrats claim Nica heard this theory from the PD (Democrat Party) side, while others keep on saying it was their idea, which scared the Democrats, who started making lots of phone calls.

Sources comment: "There are two points on the referendum law: one on the validity of the referendum and the other one strictly on admitting or dismissing it. Since there is need that half plus one electors go voting, it can be speculated that the referendum isn't valid. We are counting on the Interpretation of the law. The law doesn't settle what happened afterwards."

Watergate Commission dropped dead

The PSD also decided to drop dead the idea to establish that 'Watergate' Commission they initially wanted, in order not to delay the new plan. The Commission would have been supposed to collect data and analyze President Basescu's breaks of the Constitution, the ones committed after the Constitutional Court's decision included. (...)

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