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PLD asserts Alliance

Theodor Stolojan, formerly a president of the PNL, claimed yesterday that the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party), a political group to be made, was the Democrats' partner within the D.A. ("Truth and Justice" Alliance), as Tariceanu's group was falling to pieces each and every day.

Stolojan claimed it after the meeting of his group's members, when together with the local adepts they talked about how to establish the PLD officially. Stolojan argued: "Right in front of you there are people who fought for the "Truth and Justice" Alliance, the Alliance who managed to bring the Liberal-Democrat government. Orban, Antonescu and more people like them voted against the Alliance and did their best to undermine the Alliance. We think of ourselves as real partners of the Democrat Party, we are going to collaborate with them and plead for the making of a center right front able to face competition against leftwing parties."

Confidential sources say the group of the ex presidency adviser is already having talks with Emil Boc's Democrats on common candidate lists with view to elections for the Parliament of Europe.

Heading the Courthouse

All the main representatives of Stolojan's project attended yesterday's conference: Theodor Stolojan, Valeriu Stoica, Gheorghe Flutur and Mona Musca. Flutur presented the status project of the future PLD, outlining that about 400,000 people had signed in favor of registering the party at the Courthouse officially. He explained: "12 days after making the public announcement on the making of the PLD we can see we have got initiative groups in all the districts of Romania and we have also got 28 MPs. PLD wishes to be a modern party to represent liberalism." The ex agriculture minister argued that the main point in the future party's status was to elect party leaders by means of uninominal votes. As for the future vice president, he said they would be some 7-14. Most points if the status were conceived in such a way to defy the Status of the PNL and the "dictatorship" over the party, as the group claimed.

Valeriu Stoica described in his turn a set of principles to become the basis of the PLD, emphasizing the desire to make up commissions of experts to debate on all the important political issues and more.

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