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Tariceanu's group denies Stolojan-Musca-Stoica trio

Romanian Liberals faithful to Calin Popescu Tariceanu, president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), countered yesterday the initiative of the rebellious Stolojan-Musca-Stoica trio. The former Liberals had a long meeting in Cluj and they practically asked for the same thing as the three dissidents: solidarity and party revival, with focus on the PM's great leadership qualities. More than 60 members founders of the PNL and past leaders of the Liberal youth coming from 16 districts of Transylvania gathered together in Cluj-Napoca, along with Radu Campeanu, the Liberals' first president after 1989. They adopted a resolution on the crisis the party is now going through. Marius Nicoara, Liberals' leader in Cluj, explained the purpose of yesterday's meeting: "We are showing the solidarity coming from a legitimate and moral structure, the solidarity from founders of the PNL who rebuilt the party and from the young who must lead it on in the course of history." It was the Liberals from Cluj who opened attack against Stolojan, Musca and Stoica, describing their recent offensive against PNL leaders as "shameless".

Campeanu criticized Stolojan

The most vehement critic of the ex Liberal leaders, now Tariceanu's enemies, was Radu Campeanu. He did harsh critique of Theodor Stolojan, claiming the latter was no Liberal and that he had never shared Liberal views. Campeanu raged: "Theodor Stolojan is a clerk. He is not and he has never been a politician. The PNL is now progressing with Tariceanu, it is a Liberal party and this is why we have to support it." He opined it was not due to Stolojan that the PNL was better off in opinion polls. Campeanu congratulated his present boss for bringing advantage to the PNL leaders. He said that unlike Stolojan, Tariceanu was a Liberal indeed.

As for the latest initiative of Stolojan, Musca and Stoica, Campeanu opined it was an attempt to shake the party. The meeting ended with a resolution on the present crisis of the PNL. (...)

PNL dissidents invited to shut their mouths

The counterattack against PNL dissidents went on in Bucharest too. Mihai Voicu, a Liberal minister for relations with the Parliament, asked the three to have dialogue with PNL leaders and put an end to their attacks in the press. Voicu argued: "As long as they were presidents of the PNL, both Valeriu Stoica and Theodor Stolojan supported and pleaded for something very simple and clear I still agree to: any denial of party leaders - because this is what is now going on - should be done within party structures, but not in the press." (...)

Basescu's man paid visit to Rafo

All this time, Theodor Stolojan, one outstanding dissident in the PNL, was paying a visit to Bacau both as presidency adviser and Liberal dissatisfied with his party. A few weeks ago President Pasescu asked him to settle the Rafo Onesti affair. It was after a group of employees had protested in front of Cotroceni Palace. Since he was around, Stolojan dropped by the PNL offices, where he was to explain his view on the party's future to local Liberals. (C.E.)

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