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The European Commission's recommendations

Although the European Commission appreciates Romania's "significant steps" with the Justice reform and the establishing of structures to fight against corruption, as well as the growing number and quality of independent investigations on high level corruption charges, the monitoring report mentions the need to go on with efforts. The Commission also pleads for the consolidation of the Justice reform. It is expected that the judiciary system should prove more transparency, efficiency and impartiality. It is recommended that the Superior Council of Magistrates should intensify activities to promote a coherent interpretation of the law and check on the quality of trials.

Romania is functional market economy

As for public administration, EU officials have noticed the progress made with the fight against the trafficking in human beings. They also mention Romania's significant progress with child protection. Still it is outlined that the government has used emergency ordinances excessively, in disfavor of the Parliament.

It is also estimated that the social integration of the Roma minority still needs substantial efforts, just as it desirable that authorities should prevent racism, discrimination, xenophobia and all forms of intolerance.

As far as the economic criteria are concerned, the report mentions Romania is functional market economy, advising that the reform in public expenditure and the consolidation of the system to collect the tax revenue should continue. It is also mentioned that the structural reform also needs to proceed to restructuring in fields like energy, mines and transport. The Commission also asks for progress with the implementation of the privatization program. (...)

Ane-Marie LUPASCU, Lucian POP
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