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Basescu: Solutions are achievable if there is political will

Romanian President opined yesterday that solutions were achievable if there was political will, although the Constitutional Court decision had denied the will of both Executive and Parliament, says Mediafax. He expressed this opinion before the start of his meeting with PM Tariceanu, Parliament Chambers' presidents, parliamentary group leaders, Constitutional Court members and Justice Minister.

The President said that after analyzing the Constitutional Court decision and its effects he found it was crucial that he should make use of his constitutional attribution to arbitrate state institutions, starting from the assumption that the law denied by the Constitutional Court was after intensifying the Justice reform, a priority of the present government's. Basescu added: "After analyzing the reasons invoked by the Constitutional Court, I can only notice they were an approach that cannot be legally denied because of the Constitutional Court's rights."

He also said that the above-mentioned decision denied the will of both Executive and Parliament, but "on constitutional grounds." The President mentioned he did not want to join talks for and against the constitutional decision, as it was not his business. Still he opined: "Solutions are achievable if there is political will". He also said that due to its attributions the Constitutional Court was not an institution whose decision could be denied. President Basescu also explained that the Parliament should normally carry out the Constitutional Court decision and today the Parliament should vote on the law with view to promulgation. Still he added that the decision caused double effect: on the one hand requirements agreed on with the European Commission had to be met and on the other hand there was the political effect he would not comment on: "a major conflict". (A.H.)

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