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Professor Gheorghe Buzatu: Hitler-Stalin Pact reloaded

The Russian Ambassador's explanations have stirred my interest. Except for some true observations, these explanations are rather political and historical reproaches brought today to national states and governments that neither during the 1939-1945 world war nor at present have agreed to the policy used by the USSR force that collapsed and hence to the Russian imperialist policy.

The context had missed the fact that the world war started by the great powers and mainly fought by them ended due to their military effort first of all. As consequence, just as in the case of Romania and Poland, it was not May 8-9 1945, but some months before it that the great powers thought it was but natural to get themselves greater and greater rights related to the ongoing events, rights we can describe as special, exaggerated, even huge. The processes in Moscow and Yalta, in 1944 and 1945, improved the conditions of the dreadful pact signed in August 1939, which led straight to war. Given the circumstances, the victory that should have been all people's was only the victory of some, mainly of USSR. We must admit that it harmed and destroyed numerous states ad nations for a long time, especially that Stalin himself came with his own interpretation of the victory's significance. More exactly, in the spring of 1945, the Kremlin leader mentioned that where the Soviet cannons were heading the communist regime was spreading as well. This was soon reflected in the state of Central and Eastern Europe. There followed tough, severe and long lasting consequences we can still feel today. Therefore, what are we to do? Go on with "specialized" debates on some issues, in keeping with Mr. Ambassador's proposal? Or, even if 60 years after the victory, erase all effects, all traces of war, all the unjust deeds in 1939 and especially in 1945, 1946, 1947? Erase the consequences of the Paris Conference that disfavored the Baltic States, Poland and Romania? In 193901940, these countries were the first and today they are the last victims of the Hitler-Stalin pact. Wouldn't it be the simplest and most efficient approach to all controversies? Of course it would. There is one thing we must keep in mind: we wouldn't be talking about it if it had not been real. In other words, there is no smoke without fire. But to many nations and states the 1945 victory, much celebrated this days, makes us realize, apart from Germany's surrender, these famous words: the surgery succeeded, the patient died at dawn!

Who is guilty for it? Not the states or nations that during the war were the object of imperialist transactions before, in and after 1945. It is the great powers and their leaders who are guilty of it. They got themselves parts as the subjects of history. Even today they must take the risk of solving the problem. This can't be? But of course it can be, due to good intentions, understanding and sensibility. Let's remember one vital thing: In May 9 peoples also celebrate the Day of Europe. Perhaps this signifies something more, if not everything, that can help us understand and discover our future. (A.M.L.)

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