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Lustration laws rejected

PIN, initiator of this project, says it will continue action to get lustration law adopted

In a press release issued yesterday PIN (the National Initiative Party) criticized "the unconstitutional, non-professional means, also a means biased on the old system of Communist nomenclature" used by the Legislative Council to oppose the project on the Anti-nomenclature Law. The release explains: "The present Legislative Council is making use of the same arguments that the former Legislative Council led by Valer Dorneanu used in 1997 to reject a similar initiative by George Serban. The attitude of the present legislative Council is clear proof that at the level of structures analyzing and deciding on legislative processes they have promoted after 1989 a group of so-called law experts whose mission has been to protect the representatives of the former Communist nomenclature and their way to power." PIN has announced it will continue action to get the lustration law adopted, as this is also the aim of other parliamentary parties and civic organizations.

According to the Constitution, the consent from the Legislative Council of consultative. Given this status, PIN is inviting all representatives of the political class responsible for it to take all initiative necessary to the cleaning of Romanian public institutions. The authors of the anti-nomenclature law have mentioned they will ask for professional expertise, to be followed by the appropriate decisions on the members of the Legislative Councils " who have many a time proved that their action is against initiatives to renew Romanian society".

Support for the Proclamation

Yesterday in news conference PPCD (the Popular Christian-Democrat Party) leader Gheorghe Ciuhandu outlined the need to promote a new Proclamation of Timisoara, the same document dating from 15 years ago in updated version. Ciuhandu expressed his "full support" to the project of Ilie Iliesiu, who had recently appealed for the founding of SCR (the Civil Society for Romania). The latter's main mission would consist in moral reform. Iliesiu is one of the members who founded the Social Dialogue Group. He is also author of a project to be based on the updated Proclamation of Timisoara. The renewed Proclamation of Timisoara will have to demand trial on communism, as well as the truth about the coal miners' attacks and the Romanian revolution and the elimination of corrupted, former activists and members of the Communist Secret Service from the Justice system. SCR would also ask that the Law on Lustration be adopted at once. Iliescu also suggests that the new Proclamation should be released by the end of this month and accompanied by simultaneous support demonstrations in Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj and Iasi. (O.B.)

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