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  Nr. 4288 de sambata, 19 iulie 2008 
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Romanian Justice admitted, but not integrated in the EU
I listened to the message the President of Romania Traian Basescu delivered yesterday when he spoke about court sentences in money laundry and organized crime cases. I had the feeling it was an improvisation on the same theme. He blamed the flaws on magistrates insufficient qualifications and on laws needing improvement and especially on "the deficiency of rapid trials on detected cases".
It was a speech we had heard before. Updated,...   (17 afisari)
Romanian-Ukrainian talks made no progress
A Romanian delegation headed by foreign minister Lazar Comanescu reached Kiev yesterday for an official visit. And, apart from the car crash shading the very first day of this visit, no progress was made yesterday between Romania's officials and the Ukraine's foreign minister.
No problems
The most important issue on the event's agenda continue to be under suspense, although the two states' officials approached Bastroe Canal, Snakes Island,...   (21 afisari)
President Basescu dismisses plan on new property confiscation
The President of Romania Traian Basescu refused yesterday to promulgate the modification on the law settling the return of personal properties abusively confiscated under the Communist regime to the lawful owners, modifications initiated by the Romanian Conservatives headed by Dan Voiculescu. The President asked the Parliament to revise the project instead, arguing: "In political terms, the most severe fact is that, without stating...   (13 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Long trial, sure money laundry
The Romanian President attended yesterday a debate organized by the ONPCSB (National Office to Prevent and Counter Money Laundry) and he claimed there were deficiencies in the allegedly fast trials on money laundry cases. The head of state opined that there seemed to be a long, difficult way to final verdicts reached by the court. "If the sentence comes ten years after the case opened, it is in vain, for the criminal has continued his activity at...   (20 afisari)
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