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USSE dictatorship
It doesn't matter who votes, but who counts the votes, Stalin, the ruler of the Soviet people in the URSS, used to say. Today the EU boss, the ex-Communist, passionate Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, looks envious of Stalin's powers and 'principles', as if wishing to count the votes of the Irish himself...
''NO is NO'' say the Irish, European citizens with rights equal, we think, to the rights of any other EU citizens. Then why is their right to say NO being ignored?
The...   (19 afisari)
Romanian President: All member states must ratify Lisbon Treaty before elections for Parliament of Europe
Upon his return from the Brussels reunion of the Council of Europe, the President of Romania Traian Basescu together with PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu made a common press statement yesterday on the conclusions of this high level event, attended by head of states and PM from all the EU countries.
According to the President, all the member states must ratify the Lisbon Treaty before...   (5 afisari)
Social-Democrats work on shadow government
The Social-Democrats met yesterday at their central headquarters in Bucharest, under the command of Mircea Geoana and Adrian Nastase, in order to work on a shadow government who would elaborate a government program. Cristian Diaconescu is going to keep an eye on the future Cabinet's honour, in charge of elaborating the Integrity Code for the possible ministers.
Given their success if the local elections, the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) talked...   (6 afisari)
Ludovic Orban's fate to be decided
Ludovic Orban, a president of the Bucharest Liberals and also a vice president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), proposed that he should have a private meeting with the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, a president of the PNL, before the Permanent Delegation session due tomorrow. It is actually an attempt to forget about the war and avoid overt vendetta in a possibly open meeting.
According to PNL sources, the party head is intending...   (7 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Ovule thieves
The Greek policemen arrested a Romanian who had established an ovule trafficking network in Crete. The sexual cells were extracted by force from two Romanian females kept hostage in an apartment on the island. And the operation was performed with help from doctors. The boss and an accomplice of his would sell the ovules for 600-2,000 Euro.
The two females, ages 20 and 27, were lured to Greece by being promised jobs. Once there, they were forced into prostitution....   (14 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romanian PM: Romania wants equal access to EU funds and subventions for agriculture
The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu said yesterday after returning to the Brussels reunion of the European Council that the raise of food and fuel prices had been analyzed during the event. He highlighted that Romania had to continue the search for solutions to settle the crisis. According to the Romanian official, it is only by fiscal measures carefully taken that balance would be restored...   (5 afisari)
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