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  Nr. 4238 de joi, 22 mai 2008 
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The second anti-Basescu side
No wonder that, even more in the previous editions, this year's electoral campaign in Bucharest is providing us with several significant details on the political state of Romanian society. And this is happening before the actual elections. The most important feature is the making of a silent, low profile, almost invisible anti-Basescu front, still a very powerful one. But it is different from the already known anti-Basescu side with overt action, sometimes...   (32 afisari)
Berlusconi-Camorra coalition against Roma
One month after the right was elected to rule Italy again, the members of the Berlusconi Cabinet got together yesterday in Naples to announce the set of measures concerning illegal immigration in Italy. Naples was not selected as host at random, since the Italian media claims the garbage scandal, still unsettled, was plotted by the mafia to serve Silvio Berlusconi, who is now seen as a savior of the city. This set of anti-immigration measures, elaborated...   (23 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romanian dies in Italy in unclear circumstances
Two Italian senators have demanded the Berlusconi Cabinet to open thorough investigations on the alleged suicide committed by Romanian Cristian Lupu in a police station in Fontana Liri, Italy. The 28-year old Romanian died early this month by thowing himself out of the window right before the policemen came in to say he was free.
According to the Italian senators, the circumstances of his death are unclear and there is also the...   (17 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Ukraine defeated and warned
Romania has defeated Ukraine in the dispute over the Bastroe canal in the Danube Delta. After several years of technical and diplomatic "battles", Ukraine has been scolded for its attitude at the building of this shipping canal. Ukraine has even got a warning now, which will effect by the end of 2008, unless it abides by international norms in consulting and information for projects with transborder impact.
Yesterday it was the last day of the...   (26 afisari)
Electoral campaign is "aggressive and theatrical" in Romania
Jean-Michel de Waele, a professor of political sciences at the Free University of Brussels, describes the electoral campaign in Romania as "aggressive, rough and theatrical", which is very bad for the stability of democracy.
De Waele explains the tendency to vote for politicians, but not for political projects is due to a lack of true ideological offers, because "parties don't represent society's true interests"....   (30 afisari)
Romania is vulnerable
The significant current account deficit on the rise because of the speedy economy development and the growing consume make Romania be one of the East European states most vulnerable to economy turbulences, according to the Economy Intelligence Unit.
The EIU estimation has it that, although Central and South Europe have been beneficiaries of a considerable growth, there still are countries like Romania and Bulgaria making great demands for foreign financing,...   (34 afisari)
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