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Paperboard bulldozer
Spectacular changes of situation have turned doctor Sorin Oprescu into a beneficiary of advertising he hasn't paid for. Some electors, undetermined until recently, are now seduced by the idea to vote for this independent candidate. And there also are supporters of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), urged by PSD activists, now determined to go for Sorin Oprescu. Some analysts even say the doctor is standing a real chance to be elected a general mayor of Bucharest in...   (15 afisari)
Gaz de France has got grand plans for Romania
Gas de France doesn't have constraints for the budget to be used for investments in the field of energy in Romania and the worth and number of projects depend on market opportunities. It was Jean Francois Cirelli, a general president of the GdF, who mentioned it yesterday while in Bucharest.
"I can't mention a budget. It depends on prices and opportunities. But there are no financial limits and constraints", Cirelli said.
He added he had...   (25 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romanian authorities tamed swans for George W. Bush
-- Given the suggestion coming from the Secret Service, Romanian authorities had to tame several swans so that the White House leader would admire them when taking a walk by the lake in the official residence in Neptun, Romania, on April 2.
In January 2008, when checking on the routes in the district of Constanta and on the residence in Neptun, the US Secret Service officers told the representatives of the SPP (Guardianship and...   (26 afisari)
Start for local elections campaign
May 1 was the official start of the electoral campaign preceding the local elections in Romania. So now it is time for electoral posters, disguised demonstrations and the usual mutual libels between competitors. The battle for room to be used for propaganda posters and banners started the night before last Friday.
Take a locality called Targu Jiu, for instance. The Social-Democrats planted their posters at the crack of dawn. The Democrat-Liberals...   (21 afisari)
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