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Anarchy by the Black Sea
Quite a long time ago Romania's prophets - those killed in Communist prisons, those unlucky enough to live longer - foresaw the country's future path. Take Ionescu, for instance, would serenely claim that in the gloomy atmosphere prevailing in Romania at that time and later one could easily make the oil steam out. Gheorghe Bratianu used to define the Black Sea as a landmark of hydrocarbon transport more than 60 years ago. AntolnGalopentia used to be serene when...   (35 afisari)
President Bush takes President Basescu for regional leader
In the press conference they held together yesterday in Neptun, Romania, the US President George W. Bush and the Romanian President Traian Basescu highlighted how important the Black Sea was to the North-Atlantic Alliance, also emphasizing Romania's part at the NATO border. When first meeting with the Romanian President in Washington, President Bush had called him the best adviser of his on matters related to Basarabia. This time...   (42 afisari)
Anti-NATO demonstrators aggressed and taken to police station
Dozens of face-covered officers took action yesterday in Bucharest to evacuate about 50 persons who had rented a store room belonging to a caompany called the SC Flaros SA. The policemen retained most of them because of information that the people were watching anti-war films and had anti-NATO materials. One young lady who would neither tell her name nor be photographed told us: "They beat us when coming down upon us in the store...   (37 afisari)
Anti-NATO joke during Bucharest summit
Romanian policemen made fools of themselves at international level. Lots of anti-NATO militants were taken to the police station yesterday and some of them hand-cuffed, but with no legal reason. The protection officers broke the entry to a store room belonging to a factory in Bucharest, a store room the manager had rented. They took the tenants to the police station claiming they had documents against the North Atlantic Alliance.
At first the Police...   (46 afisari)
NATO summit pell-mell in Bucharest Parliament Palace
The invasion of the thousand journalists accredited to attend the NATO summit in Bucharest gave the organizers hard times so that the typically Romanian mess could not be avoided. The journalists allowed to attend several weeks ago were surprised to see their passes were not ready yet. One Reuters journalist had to wait more than two hours to get his pass, although he had got his accreditation early this year. And until getting the pass...   (31 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Moldovans leave Voronin's estate
The Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin said early this year that he was "the president of Moldovans", which irritated Basarabians. And the President has lately signed a few hundreds of decrees on people quitting their Moldovan citizenship, according to Deutsche Welle Radio. There is also the fact that Vladimir Voronin is the richest politician in the Moldovan Republic.
The Official Monitor of the Moldovan Republic published the presidential...   (34 afisari)
Grey finances for parties
The Transparency International-Romania criticizes the Romanian government's decision to simplify the procedures by which political parties get finance from citizens and companies, claiming the new regulation is in favor of non-transparent financing and increases politicians' vulnerability to corruption.
Last Monday the government did away with those norms demanding donors to state their interests and take the responsibility not to pursue to set...   (20 afisari)
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