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1 plus 1 isn't 2 in Romania
Two pieces of news from Romania are amazing Brussels and other analysts in the West again. They have just finished the report on Romania's approach to Kosovo, grounded on the absolutely clear message expressed by the President of Romania in Brussels: Romania isn't going to admit the independence of Kosovo, whether proclaimed unilaterally or in coordination with other states. It was as clear as crystal. But the pandemonium at home has completely changed what...   (41 afisari)
Romanian peasants have no toilets in their homes
-- The priest, the doctor and the classmaster continue to be the main characters in the villages of Romania, to which the EU integration doesn't mean much yet. The social environment in the countryside is still much flawed: only 25% of village inhabitants have got sewerage systems in their households and only 55,8% are beneficiaries of drinkable water systems. Only 24% of the Romanian peasants have got toilets in their homes, but 47% own cell...
   (33 afisari)
US worries about flesh trafficking in Romania
The representatives of the office for monitoring and countering the trafficking in persons, subordinate to the US State Department, has expressed concern about the intensification of the trafficking in human beings in Romania. This is mainly about trafficking in Chinese citizens and children exploited or sold by transmational groups of organized crime. An US delegation is paying a visit to Bucharest these days to look into the matter.
One...   (25 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
The illusionist
-- The power of the advocacy company owned by Valeriu Stoica works 'wonders' for the wealthy clients.
The performances staged by "Stoica & Associates" has always got two constant features: the client is a collusus like the Arcelor MITTAL Galari or Shell Gas Romania and the object at stake is a million dollar enforcement. The company belonging to this leader of the Democrat-Liberal Party takes action in the last minute, when the opposite side is busy with other procedures,...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
US visa elimination evaluated
US experts are to reach Romania this month for evaluations of the implementation of the Visa Waiver. Authorities are to draw a calendar for including Romania in this program meant to do away with the visas now mandatory for those Romanian citizens who wish to travel to the US.
Romania's interior minister Cristian David has already provided the US authorities with an evaluation of the situation, as announced by the Interior Ministry's Press Office....   (22 afisari)
Liberals' choice: restructure Cabinet or quit
The radicals in the PNL (National Liberal Party) are persuading the party president Calin Popescu Tariceanu, also a PM of Romania, into a "complex" restructuring of the Cabinet and also into keeping senator Norica Nicolai as their choice for a future minister of justice. They are going to do this in today's meeting of the Permanent Political Committee. Or, the other possibility available, is for the PNL to quit. Party sources claim...   (26 afisari)
Cozma wants to take up politics
As he has just been freed from prison, Mirom Cozma, the ex leader of Romanian coal miners, is trying to strike back to the foreground by means of two targets: release of imprisoned union leaders and coming-out in politics. But there were only 150 miners who went out to meet him after 10 years, during the demonstrations he arranged to plead for the release of 3 ex union leaders: Constantin Cretan, Dorin Lois and Vasile Lupu. "You make me feel ashamed",...   (19 afisari)      1 comentariu
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