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  Nr. 4126 de marti, 8 ianuarie 2008 
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Bulgarians too fix Romania
So far the humiliation Romania has suffered from our neighbor state has been just at diplomacy level. It has involved only Romanian diplomacy as guided by minister Cioroianu and looking like a village not guarded by dogs. I have thought there could be no tougher mock than the one coming from Chishinau, no harsher ignorance of Romania's status as a main state in the region than the one coming from Kiev and no more constant lobby than that by anti-Romanian groups...   (45 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
ElBaradei fears Al-Qaeda may get radioactive material from Romania
Mohammed AlBaradei, chief of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), fears the Al-Qaeda is plotting a nuclear or radioactive attack and he expresses concern about the trafficking in radioactive materials from Romania, Ukraine, Kazahstan and Uzbekistan. Mediafax Agency informs that he has told in his interview to the Al-Hayat daily that a terrorist attack by the Al-Qaeda in a capital such as London or Cairo...   (36 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Snow crooks
-- Bucharest is now stuck because its mayors, with general mayor Adriean Videanu as top of the list, signed contracts that don't stipulate the cleaning of snow banks from city streets.
City authorities used the global heating as an argument for not including in the contracts points on cleaning the snow from the streets. All that salubrity companies are to do is scatter the snow, not spare city inhabitants of it. This is the reason why these days they have been driving...   (26 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Injunction for the Romanian retained in Bulgaria
Romanian citizen Constantin Scripcaru, retained in Bulgaria last week after a dispute with Bulgarian policemen, was sentenced yesterday to 6 months in prison on injunction and he was set free from the arrest.
According to Mediafax Agency, the court also decided that, in case the Romanian committed a crime on the Bulgarian territory in the following 3 years, the 6-month prison sentence would be added to the sentence for the crime...   (24 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Talks between government and unions were fruitless
During yesterday's meeting between the government's representatives, the Romanian unions' representatives and the President of Romania Traian Basescu unions managed to get nothing. The government's representatives wouldn't put up with the claims of unions and they counted much on President Basescu, yesterday an arbitrator of talks, who had already promoted the 2008 budget law and the social 2008 insurance budget in the last day...   (17 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Metropolitan Church of Basarabia to complain to ECHR against Voronin regime
The Metropolitan Church of Basarabia, canonically subordinate to the Romanian Patriarchy, intends to complain to the European Court of Human Rights because 4 Romanian priests and 1 nun were expelled from the Moldovan Republic.
At almost two weeks after the incidents, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs authored a press release about it, with the Romanian foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu arguing...   (30 afisari)
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