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  Nr. 4122 de sambata, 29 decembrie 2007 
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2007, the year of Traian Basescu
-- If we review this year's political events, we can conclude that 2007 was the year of Traian Basescu. The President succeeding in something unbelievable: cause the most numerous and the most spectacular press news.
A lucid counting is enough to show that, at least in terms of number, Traian Basescu's achievements outnumber his failures, since he managed to score in opinion polls anytime one of his political actions succeeded or not to decline too much...   (60 afisari)      1 comentariu
LATEST - In Brief
Italy doesn't drop means to expel Romanians
The Italian government passed yesterday a new decree on the expulsion of community citizens for public security reasons and therefore for the sake of preventing terrorism. The decree replaces the measure adopted in November 1 as response to the assassination of Giovanna Reggiani, allegedly a victim of a Romanian-origin immigrant.
This initial decree will be out in December 31, for the Prodi Cabinet did not address the Chamber of...   (53 afisari)
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LATEST - In Brief
Unions ask President Basescu not to promote 2008 budget law
The leaders of Romanian unions met with the President of Romania Traian Basescu yesterday to persuade him into not promulgating the law on the 2008 state budget. The head of state offered to arrange a meeting between unions' representatives and the Romanian government in January 3, 2008.
The leaders of 4 union confederations - Cartel Alpha, the National Union Association, the National Confederation of Free Unions in...   (48 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
King as guardian of fundamental values
Prince Radu is reminding that 60 years ago, in December 30, 1947, Romania was being deprived of the last institution enjoying natural authority and with a call for guarding democracy, namely King Mihai. Prince Radu explains in press release: "Dictatorship was usurping monarchy in the name of a republic it did not intend and it could not achieve. The voice of the people was thus put to silence for 50 years." There is added: "Between 40 years...   (241 afisari)      2 comentarii
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