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The Orban test for politicians and journalists
The scandal emerging after the car crash in which minister Orban was involved has unveiled a lot of both weak and strong points of Romanian politics and journalism. Some of them are worthy of attention. Maybe we can learn some things from so many mistakes. Orban is the main guilty of all that happened. Had he done the right thing from the very beginning, neither the press nor his adversaries would have had reasons to attack him. But not...   (31 afisari)
Time to talk with Iran
The recent comprehensive assessment by America's spy agencies about Iran's nuclear program and ambitions - the so-called "National Intelligence Estimate" - has opened the door to fresh strategic discussions among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany. Such a strategic reconsideration is probably most necessary for those in the Bush administration (and a few elsewhere), who until recently have been prophets of imminent danger....   (31 afisari)
A synthesis of 2007
-- There is one single reason why 2007 was important to Romania: the accession to the EU. Romania would have missed it, had it been about merits only. But the foreign political criterion had been decisive before in the country's history, like in the 1918 Unification of the regions that made Romania...
As for Romanians' basic expectations in terms of economy in 2008, they consist in a budget deficit lower than in 2007 and a growth in productiveness to bring larger income...   (41 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
ORDA in trouble
-- Prosecutors are investigating the officials of the ORDA (National Office for Authorship Rights) for abuse at work in a faked auction.
Rodica Parvu, Eugen Vasiliu and Laurentiu Oprea are accused of buying 15 million CD holograms at overprice. But after having been announced that they were under criminal investigations and after having their properties sealed, Rodica Parvu and Eugen Vasiliu got a medical leave to avoid being suspended.
The National Press Company...   (47 afisari)
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