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  Nr. 4110 de joi, 13 decembrie 2007 
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Three years of blah, blah...
The conclusions on Traian Basescu's 3-year reign look bad. Not even himself could make a positive account. Did he do this, no matter how disguised did he make his presidency look like, he could only mention his failing projects, which he would blame on the others. The words that describe these 3 years of reign best are the ones in the title. Three years of blah, blah...
His anti-system presidency started noisily. The very first day after his election victory...   (30 afisari)
US pattern: crash and get away with it
A Romanian woman is now in a Bucharest hospital because the Tico she was driving got under the wheels of a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by a representative of the United States Secret Service. It happened last Monday night on Aviatorilor Avenue in central Bucharest. According to the US Embassy to Romania, the author of the car crash is a representative of the United States Secret Service for fiscal fraud and cyber criminality.
The accident took place...   (45 afisari)
Moldovan Republic wages diplomatic war
The tension between Romania and the Moldovan Republic headed by Communist President Vladimir Voronin is about to reach the climax three years after Traian Basescu was elected a President of Romania and he announced the Bucharest-London-Washington Axis.
Chishinau authorities announced yesterday the opening of diplomatic war straight by expelling 2 Romanian diplomats: Vasile Nanea, a cultural councilor for the diplomatic mission, and Laurentiu Pinte,...   (34 afisari)
Constitutional Court: government's uninominal vote law is unconstitutional
The Constitutional Court announced yesterday that 3 norms in the uninominal vote law the Romanian government had taken responsibility for in the Parliament were unconstitutional. It is to be reminded that the Constitutional Court expressed view at the Romanian President's request.
Given the decision, the Parliament must now harmonize the law at stake with the Constitutional Courts view. The President of Romania...   (24 afisari)
Government promises to obey current real estate prices
Over 500 villas belonging to the RAAPPS (Self-governing Department for Administration of the State Heritage and Protocol) are going to be sold in the coming months. State official promise few of them are to be sold by direct negotiations. If there is no auction held, according to the controversial norms Romanian deputies passed recently, the government promises transparency instead, claiming authorities will take care that the villas...   (23 afisari)      1 comentariu
LATEST - In Brief
Romanians die of heart diseases frequently
Romania tops the list of European states in terms of number of deaths caused by heart diseases in both women and men. And it comes the last in terms of the use of the most efficient treatment, coronary angioplasty. According to Professor Dragos Vinereanu, a president of the Cardiology Clinic in the Bucharest University Hospital, this is due to the poor financial resources for health, that is 600 Euro per person, and also to the small...   (21 afisari)
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