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  Nr. 4108 de marti, 11 decembrie 2007 
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National disinterest
I don't want to sound apocalyptic. It is not my intention to make Romanians worry more now when the winter holidays is approaching. But I can neither prove irresponsible and ignore the effects of the Kosovo bomb on Romania's vital, long-term interests. A unilateral recognition of this province's independence is growing almost imminent, because of its final split from Serbia and the almost incautious consent the great powers, the European ones included, are getting...   (34 afisari)
PM wouldn't appoint Liberal Nicolai a Justice minister
Liberal senator Norica Nicolai confirmed on the phone yesterday while in New York that she agreed to take over the Romanian Ministry of Justice, although PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu wouldn't like to appoint her.
Sources from the PNL (National Liberal Party) say the PM doesn't want the Liberal senator to head the Ministry of Justice because it would put some more gas on his war with the President of Romania Traian Basescu. Sources...   (28 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Justice minister's resignation in foreign press
Yesterday the main international press agencies and electronic editions of publications commented on the resignation of the Romanian Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, in the context of a possible inquiry following after corruption accusations. Press agencies outline Romania has been the target of criticism from Brussels because of the inability to counter corruption.
While breaking the news yesterday, the BCC mentioned accusations...   (30 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
European Commission wants Justice reform to progress
Mark Gray, a spokesman for the European Commission, announced yesterday that the Justice reform, but not the person heading the ministry was important to the EU. He claimed the resignation of the Romanian Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu was a domestic matter and the European Commission might not comment on it.
The EU official would neither comment on the Romania's future Justice minister, but he insisted the government had...   (26 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Authorities caught red-handed
2 prosecutors, 6 policemen and 3 commissioners working for the Fiscal Control were caught red-handed during a raid to a clandestine brothel exploiting underage. But the Prosecutor's Office muffled the case.
"Shanghai" Restaurant on Ion Minulescu Street, Bucharest, used to be the cover for a so-called 'massage salon'. Romanian underage kept in cages by two China men would be forced into prostitution. Among the customers there would be investigators...   (37 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Facilities to encourage Romanians in Italy to return
Romanian authorities intend to provide the Romanian workers in Italy with facilities so that they would return to their native country. Authorities are also working on a set of measures to encourage Italian companies employing Romanians to invest in Romania. Ovidiu Silaghi, a Romanian minister for small and medium enterprises, announced it yesterday.
The official argued: "It has been noticed that Romanian workers employed...   (20 afisari)
Democrats pass PD-L Status
The leaders of the PD (Democrat Party) passed yesterday the project to achieve fusion with the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party), together with the future party's political programme and Status. The PD-L (Democrat Liberal Party) is going to be the name of the political group to be made. The actual fusion is due on Saturday and the interim heads of the PD-L are going to rule till the end of 2009.
Emil Boc is the president of the PD-L and there are two...   (24 afisari)
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