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The new party
Many are wondering why the announcement on the fusion of the PD (Democrat Party) and the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) was so hasty. Just a few days ago all the information from within the parties was showing no progress. The main obstacle was some PD leaders' belief that by joining Stolojan's people they would be at disadvantage. But the secret of such a surprise is rather easy to decipher. Traian Basescu suffered a humiliating defeat because of the referendum failure. Both...   (39 afisari)
Democrats snarl at their master
The fusion President Basescu forced the PD (Democrat Party) and the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) into making is already effecting in the dissatisfaction both parties feel, especially that it is a small number of party heads who negotiate on it. Some Democrats are irritated because the PLD may get more than the case and also because the word "Liberal" is now part of the new party's name: the PDL (Democrat Liberal Party). On the other hand, PLD member Valriu...   (31 afisari)
The Mailat plot
Due to the statements made in December 3 by public attorney Piero Puccinini, the case of Romulus Mailat, the alleged murderer of Italian woman Giovanna Reggiani in Tor di Quinto, Rome, in October 30, 2007, is striking back. The lawyer assigned by the Italian authorities announced the emergence of another suspect, in the person of Gheorghe Neamtu, because Romulus Mailat changed his testimony. In fact, Puccinini has come out to talk to the press in order to show he is working...   (36 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Voronin forbids Romanian Christmas
This year's winter holy days are likely to open in Chishinau in December 30, when the Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin is to arrange a fir tree in the Great National Assembly Square. According to the Romanian press in Chishinau, central authorities ordered that no Christmas tree should be arranged in the city before December 30. Who will dare do it without authorization from the government will be fined.
This is part of the Chishinau Communists'...   (35 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Christmas tree cheat
-- 100,00o Bucharest inhabitants crowded to see mayor Videanu's great lie. But the metal monster is not the highest in Europe, as the mayor boasted.
The height of the Christmas tree planted in the Unirii Square by Millenium Bank is 5 meter less than the one stated by the mayor of Bucharest. ZIUA hired a construction company to measure the kitsch and the conclusion is that the height is only 70,4-70,6 meters instead of the 76 mentioned. The highest Christmas...   (35 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Mihai Razvan Ungureanu likely o become SIE chief
The parliamentary committee for defense and the committee in charge of checking on the activity of the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) consented yesterday to the Romanian President's proposal that Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu should be appointed a SIE chief.
The report authored by the two committees is to reach the officials of both Parliament Chambers today. The voting of the MPs is due today too.
Mihai Razvan Ungureanu commented...   (27 afisari)
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