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  Nr. 4102 de marti, 4 decembrie 2007 
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Mr. Basescu's two Romanias
-- During his visit to Spain, President Traian Basescu mentioned Romania had a prosperous economy, encouraging foreign partners who should enjoy the Romanian government's achievements and therefore take Romania for a predictable country just good for business.
Once home, Mr. Traian Basescu mentioned in the very National Day that Romania had problems, many problems. If my memory is good, one evening before that failed referendum he claimed one reason for it was...   (34 afisari)
Press freedom jeopardized
According to the 2007 Report by the MediaSind Union, the main reasons for political and economic pressure are the no unmasking of journalists who collaborated with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania) and the lacking application of the norms in the collective contract of employment.
The Report is actually a precise analysis of the present state of the Romanian press and the conclusion is that it has being growing serious lately.
General...   (23 afisari)
No one sanctioned because of Euro-election results
-- The executive committee of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) sanctioned no member yesterday when analyzing the results of the Euro-elections. But new disputes emerged. Every local leader thought he was a victim of injustice in the evaluation by central party leaders and sides blamed each other for the party's decline in opinion polls.
According to the statement made by the PSD president Mircea Geoana, his party won't make a government together...   (20 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Bonus for pickles
The National Anti-Corruption Department is now watching Romania's culture minister Adrian Iorgulescu for an operation by which he gave 22 billion ROL to some acquaintances, with help from the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
In 2005, the ministry of Culture ordered 10,000 "cultural" packages to promote Romania's image in the EU on the National Day. It is just that no one saw them, as they are present only on fishy documents. The only cover the Ministry...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
William Branza is the Romanian of the year in Spain
Democrat deputy William Branza was awarded the "Romanian of the Year" prize by the Romanian community in Spain last Saturday, when celebrating the National Day of Romania in the locality of Castellon. Elena Basescu, the daughter of Romanian President Traian Basescu, was also awarded.
In their celebration the Romanians in Castellon danced dressed in Romanian traditional costumes and devoured Romanian traditional food brought...   (38 afisari)
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