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Presidential boycott
-- Traian Basescu's insistence to boycott the uninominal elections in 2008 looks like stubbornness, although he keeps on saying he intends to promote the radical version of this system. How come I am accusing the head of state, given his official statements?
The first elections the uninominal vote system may be used in are the parliamentary ones. They are to take place in the autumn of 2008 or in the spring of 2009. Given the uninominal vote system the Parliament passed...   (13 afisari)
Constitutional Court to decide on government's uninominal vote system
-- In order to avoid promulgating the new electoral law that would make Sunday's referendum pointless, the President of Romania Traian Basescu invoked the unconstitutional nature of the law version promoted by the Tariceanu Cabinet in the Parliament.
Yesterday the head of state addressed the Constitutional Court against the latter version and Court members are to analyze the President's objections in December 5. Because...   (17 afisari)
Referendum 'sabotaged'
According to the President of Romania Traian Basescu, the referendum meant to suspend him and the coming referendum on the uninominal vote system differ substantially in terms of the number of voting citizens required for the scrutiny to be validated. The President has argued: "If we read the law, we can see that the President might have been dismissed if 2 our of 3 Romanians voted for it. The referendum in May 19 would have been validated. Now when people...   (17 afisari)
Romanian PM: PNL-PSD government is mere speculation
Yesterday the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu avoided making comments on the information rumoring that after November 25 there would emerge a government of the PNL (National Liberal Party), the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), the PC (Conservative Party) and the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania). He argued he wouldn't comment on speculation coming from newspapers serving Presidency. "I am not a political analyst...   (14 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
'Dragon' Operation
-- In his article "44 Years of Kremlin Deception", published by ZIUA and the Human Events review simultaneously, General Pacepa denounces the KGB scenario on the assassination of Kennedy.
The article stars with the assumption that the commemoration of 44 years since the assassination is a good opportunity to reanalyze this murder of the century and understand the way the mythology around it was born. According to General Pacepa, the misinformation operation bearing...   (22 afisari)
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