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The fraud
The election of members for the Parliament of Europe is of no great importance, at least seemingly. Although the Romanian representation in the parliamentary groups operating in Brussels and Strasbourg can be significant and useful to national or party interests, it is still in Bucharest the great games continue to be played. I mean simply the main interests of political groups, the economic groups supporting the latter and their electorate too. On the other hand, the election...   (23 afisari)
Advice from Lord Giddens: Refreshing the creativity of 'old Europe'
-- Lord Anthony Giddens, the 'guru' of ex PM Tony Blair, has been kind enough to share with us his thoughts about the Romanian society and mention some key points that need action.
A most influential sociologist, Lord Anthony Giddens is the author or editor of over 40 academic best sellers. Due to him "the third way" concept is now widely used in politics as an idea very influential on the social-democratic parties in the...   (33 afisari)      1 comentariu
Romanians to get free access to Hungarian labor market
-- The governments of Romania and Hungary had a common session yesterday and they agreed on the liberalization of the Hungarian labor force starting with 2008. They also decided on the building of a high-speed new railway route to connect Budapest to Constanta.
After the third meeting of this the kind between the two Cabinets, the Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany commented: "The two countries will have an identical fate in the course of...   (21 afisari)
President puts up with government's version of uninominal vote law
-- The President of Romania Traian Basescu insinuated yesterday that he would put up with the government's version of the uninominal vote law, unless the electorate supported his own proposal in the referendum due in October 25.
The President's 3 scenarios
The President mentioned in yesterday debate on the uninominal vote system, arranged by the Group for Social Dialogue, that he had 3 scenarios on it ready, outlining...   (22 afisari)
Ultranationalist group in the Parliament of Europe dismembered
The Parliament of Europe announced yesterday the dismemberment of the European ultranationalist group "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty", because of the withdrawal of the Euro-deputies from the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party). After the announcement there followed an incident between an Austrian independent Euro-deputy and Jean-Marie Le Pen, a president of the French National Front, with the former accusing the latter...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Brussels officials prove relenting
The European Commission is to decide on December 20 whether to apply the safeguard clause on Romania or not. According to the press release by the Romanian government, the Commission decided yesterday to give us one more month to implement the payment system in agriculture. Therefore Romania is to prove by December 16 that it can manage to settle the problem.
The European Commission expressed appreciation for Romania's progress with the adjusting...   (18 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
EU state ambassadors summoned to Cotroceni Palace
The President of Romania Traian Basescu argued in yesterday's meeting with the EU states' ambassadors in Bucharest that the Romanian government was supposed to prove able to take constant efforts and continue to consolidate the independence of Justice and the fight against corruption, Presidency Administration announced by press release.
The President mentioned that another issue was the efficient use of EU funds. While developing...   (24 afisari)
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