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Putin shakes Romania
What the Russian President Vladimir Putin said before the opening of the Russia-EU summit is like thunder, but not out of the blue, since the clouds have been here for a while. Putin has the skill to shock the EU leaders every time. Last year he rebuked all of them. This time he expressed an overt threat by asking if the problems in Spain, the problems likely in Romania or those Belgium was facing weren't enough. He also mentioned Kosovo and other forms of state emerging...   (49 afisari)
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Putin threatens Romania
Just one day after the US President George W. Bush had mentioned Romania as one state targeted by Iran, Vladimir Putin, America's Russian opponent, put Romania on the list of European states facing separatist challenges. While reiterating Moscow's view on the Kosovo case, the Russian leader suggested to the presidents of European states a more flexible approach in keeping with international law. He pointed to the Basque problem in Spain, the Flemish one...   (40 afisari)
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Pat Cox says activation of safeguard clause is unlikely
Pat Cox, formerly a president of the Parliament of Europe, at present a leader of the International European Movement, opined yesterday while in Bucharest that Brussels authorities were little likely to activate the safeguard clause on Romanian agriculture. He argued the EU officials appreciated the progress made in Romania, claiming this was the reason why he was optimistic. Still he outlined it was a personal opinion.
The...   (22 afisari)
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Policemen to protest in Bucharest
Criminals have got to confess live on TV, the drug trafficking has been growing and the stealing of cars is something very plain for anyone who wants to do illegal business. And here we see the policemen too have decided to start street protests to ask for their rights. Over 500 policemen are going to protest next Monday in the Revolution Square, Bucharest, as they are dissatisfied with the outcome of negotiations with the Interior Ministry representatives.
Vasile...   (20 afisari)
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Trinitas TV launched today in Metropolitan Cathedral
The launch of the Trinitas Bucharest television station and radio post, subordinate to His Holiness Daniel, a Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, is due today in the Metropolitan Cathedral. The first event to be broadcast live is the Holy Mass and the President of Romania Traian Basescu is expected to attend.
The launch ceremony is due right after the Mass. According to Patriarchy, the new media institutions are to...   (25 afisari)
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Branza's bombs
Paul Branza, a friend of President Traian Basescu, is jeopardizing the lives of thousand people in the Constanta Bridge because of doing business with ships disallowed to operate in the EU.
Paul Branza and Traian Basescu used to head long journey ships of great weight. It was Branza who helped the head of state get rid of a money laundry accusation by taking over his shares in the Triton Company. He is also a vice president of the Democrat Party branch in Constanta....   (21 afisari)
Start for Parliament of Europe
Yesterday it was the official opening of the campaign preceding the election of MEPs in Romania. According to the law, November 24 is the last day of campaign, that is just one day before the election scheduled for Sunday, November 25. But political parties had actually started to campaign days before the official start. The President of Romania did the same by his attendance of election-related events organized by the PD (Democrat Party), the...   (18 afisari)
President decided on day of PLD bill against government
Gabriel Sandu, a vice president of the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party), announced yesterday that the party's bill against the government was going to reach the Parliament in November 21. He mentioned: "We hope that in two weeks at most we will collect the 77 signatures from the Democrat Party. It means there will be 103 signatures for it in the end. And two weeks are then scheduled for talks with our colleagues in the Parliament....   (20 afisari)
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