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Source and evidence
By trying to put the blame for a very severe misdeed on someone else, Daniel Morar, a head of DNA (national Anti-Corruption Department), actually put the blame on Traian Basescu. In fact, he pointed to the President as the source that unveiled in the open the recording allegedly incriminating minister Remes and ex minister Muresan. While Robert Turcescu, host of the TV talk show, was pressing him, Daniel Morar kept on denying that the documents had leaked to the Romanian...   (23 afisari)
Suspect no. 1
The President of Romania Traian Basescu told the nation that the recording released on the Public Television didn't originate in the presidential safe. Still all the clues show it was him who ordered the plot.
Yesterday morning the President commented that, to the entire political class, he was the "suspect on duty". In the evening he said the evidence had reached his presidential safe, but that it was not him who had disclosed it. Daniel Morar, a head of the Anti-Corruption...   (25 afisari)
Minister Remes resigns, Dacian Ciolos takes over
Romania's Liberal minister of agriculture Decebal Traian Remes resigned yesterday. PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu was most likely to become an interim agriculture minister for 30 days, Liberal sources were claiming yesterday.
Romanian Liberals' vice president Dan Radu Ruseanu refused the proposal to take over firmly.
But Dacian Ciolos, a European affairs subsecretary of state in the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, agreed to the PM's proposal...   (42 afisari)
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Romanian President: It is impossible it should have come from me
Yesterday the President of Romania Traian Basescu demanded PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to urgently appoint a competent person to head the Ministry of Agriculture and he warned the PM publicly that the dismemberment of the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) would lead to the application of the safeguard clause on Romanian Justice. The government denied such intention at once. The President also announced that he had just...   (21 afisari)
Evidence case had reached Cotroceni Palace
According to Daniel Morar, a head of the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department), the recording showing the Romanian agriculture minister Decebal Traian Remes taking bribe had not come from the DNA. Last Wednesday the official claimed he didn't know how come the images filmed had reached the Romanian Public Television. He didn't deny that Presidency could be a source, since Presidency had been provided with all the evidence on the case.
The...   (22 afisari)
MEPs pass Severin-Lamassoure report
The MEPs passed yesterday the report on the reform of the Parliament of Europe, authored by Romanian Euro-deputy Adrian Severin and French Euro-Deputy Alain Lamassoure. The document is now to reach the Intergovernmental Conference and the adoption of it in the Parliament of Europe last Thursday will urge the Conference to agree to the other institutional reforms too. Adrian Severin explained that the citizens of Romania and of the EU in general would be...   (17 afisari)
Democrats work on new bill against government
The PD (Democrat Party) and the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) are said to be working on a new bill against the ruling government, the Mediafax informs, invoking sources from both parties. The main reason for it is the corruption within the government and the main targets are the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the labor minister Paul Pacuraru, the Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu and the now ex agriculture minister Decebal Traian...   (19 afisari)
Romania is vulnerable to credit crisis
Romania is extremely vulnerable to the negative effects of the global credit crisis and the inflation intensification is over the 3-5% authorities target. Therefore the adoption of a severer currency policy is growing likelier. Shigeo Katsu, a regional vice president of the World Bank, estimates it.
According to the World Bank official, economy in Southeastern Europe, considerably dependent on foreign financing, will face difficulties...   (27 afisari)
VIP charter carried relics from Meteora
A delegation representing the Greek Orthodox Church, headed by Seraphim, the Bishop of Stagona and Meteora, brought the tabernacle with the relics of St, John Golden Mouth to Romania. The charter reached the airport in Iasi yesterday. Patriarch Daniel and local administration officials, together with priests who uttered prayers meant for such circumstances welcomed the delegation.
The tabernacle with the left hand of St. John Golden...   (26 afisari)
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