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Stop the diversion!
Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), in its entirety, is the target of a concerted attack, whose precedent can only be find in the dark Stalinist epoch. The aim is that the political power confiscates the patriarchal chair, the top of the Church. The best way to do it is by manipulating the elections that are to follow. Visible and invisible forces take part in this dangerous diversion, meant to reduce even more the independence and the credibility of the Church. The National...   (22 afisari)
Dangerous secret
The capital is in danger to get at the mercy of dangerous delinquents if the prosecutors persist in not providing the lawyers the authorizations used for tapping the telephone wires
The refusal of the General Parquet to show the court on what legal grounds it has tapped the phone talks of Nutu and Sile Camataru will have as an effect the release of the two and this might turn Bucharest into a jungle. Invoking the aberrant and anti-European provisions of Law 51 on the...   (21 afisari)
POLITICS - In brief
UDMR has fallen below threshold
PD (Democrat Party) is by far the leader in the top of the voting intention for the parliamentary elections, while UDMR (Democrat Union of the Magyars in Romania) has dropped below the electoral threshold by five points, according to the Political Opinion Barometer that IMAS (IMAS Marketing and Polls) drew up during 8-15 August.
PD would get 42% of the votes, if there were to be elections for the Parliament the "next Sunday", the Democrats...   (24 afisari)
POLITICS - In brief
UDMR backs up two PC projects
UDMR (Democrat Union of the Magyars in Romania) promised yesterday the Conservatives back up for two of the four legislative projects PC (Conservative Party) tries to impose in the Parliament. One is about the non-taxation of the reinvested profit and the other is on solving the problem of the tenants in nationalized buildings, said the leader of the Union, Marko Bela. Yesterday, after the UDMR-PC meeting, the Conservatives didn't manage to get...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In brief
Kiev looks awry at the Romanian citizenship
Ukrainian authorities have expressed several times their discontentment to the fact that Romania grants Romanian citizenship to the Romanian ethnic living in North Bucovina, the historic Maramuresh or South Bessarabya - former Romanian territories that Moscow has offered to Ukraine as a gift. Several politicians in Kiev have considered that the Romanian State is illegally granting citizenship to the tens, even hundreds of thousands of...   (26 afisari)
LATEST - In brief
Appeal to HH Anania
In an attempt to counterbalance the rumours, a group of over 100 Orthodox from all over the country directly asked yesterday Metropolitan Bishop Anania to candidate and "continue the work that HH Teoctist, Patriarch of Romania, now gone away to the God's home, has started on earth to the Romanian nation salvation". The group is made up of Orthodox from all over the country, many of which former political detainees - the country's highest moral forum, professors,...   (40 afisari)
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