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  Nr. 4009 de joi, 16 august 2007 
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Boureanu's rise
In the front page of today's newspaper you can read surprising information in the report called "Cook for Mafia" and authored by my colleagues working for the Investigation Department. The well-known and popular politician Cristian Boureanu is at stake. He is a young, clever and educated politician who doesn't show emotion in front of TV cameras. He is spontaneous and aggressive whenever necessary. How come there is such praise of a character today's report tackles? Is...   (30 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
'Sex ambassadress' thought about killing Laurentiu Fulga
According to email between Stefan Pascal Lucineanu and Manuela Vulpe, Romania's ambassadress to Mexico, the man introducing himself as member of PM Tariceanu's strategy team offered to do away with the administrator of the ^www.spiritofromania.com^ with help from the Russian mafia in Sydney.
The ZIUA email address was reached yesterday by an email from John I. Pop, containing the emails between Stefan Pascal Lucineanu...   (55 afisari)
Cook for mafia
There has lately been taken much interest in the business of Cristian Boureanu, a deputy representing the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party), because some of his companies, the ones he is associated to or owner of, are on the list of companies indebted to the state budget, regularly posted on the Finance Ministry website. But they are not just any companies. They are business partners of the Ritzio casino Russian group, suspected of laundering the money from South American cartels....   (75 afisari)
Competition on leadership over PLD
Cristian Boureanu is working to take over the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party), in case president Theodor Stolojan quits to head premiership. Gheorghe Flutur, an executive president of the PLD, and Valeriu Stoica, a president of the National Representatives Council, are Boureanu's main opponents. Leadership over the main party branch, the Bucharest one, may be the first step and it may be taken in the elections to take place in September.
Victor...   (24 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Campaigning in the Navy Day
Over 2,00 people crowded on the promenade in Constanta yesterday to watch the celebrations part of the Romanian Navy Day.
Romanian President Traian Basescu attended the event and he commented: "The Black Sea is a security region extremely important to Romania and the NATO and EU states." He added Romania was going to plead for a safe Black Sea and see to the transfer energy resources to Europe.
According to the President, the modernization of...   (16 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Budapest extremists ready to counter Romanian aggression
The far right move in Budapest pursues to establish paramilitary groups. The leader claims there is fear of aggression from Romania or Slovakia. It has got various responses: the Conservative opposition suggests there should be made a "National Guard" as a civil defense institution, the ruling Socialists seem ready for talks on the project, whereas the Liberals in the coalition are against the idea of a civil guard in Hungary....   (37 afisari)      2 comentarii
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