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Bye, Geoana!
-- Vice-president Vasile Dancu gave up his position in the party and made a series of reproaches to the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) leader
Vasile Dancu resigned yesterday from the position of PSD vice-president political analysis and communication. He invoked Mircea Geoana's decision to forbid him to give interviews in the press on strategic topics. Dancu's resignation certifies the separation between Geoana and the Group of Cluj. Sources inside the party also speak about a possible leave...   (33 afisari)
Following the model of the intellectuals he surrounded himself with, Traian Basescu started to crib from. No, not from Heidegger or from Corbin, but from Gigi Becali, whom he has stolen the well known addressing formula: SCAMP.
The way we proceeded in the case of the "oligarchs", we are trying now to show the president the real meaning of the words he uses in public discourses. The last entry into Traian Basescu's basic word stock...   (38 afisari)
"CIA prisons" inquiry, relaunched
-- I think this the most concise and correct definition of what happened yesterday in the European Parliament, during the exchange of views the MEPs had with Dick Marty, the special observer of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).
In the presidium, next to Marty was Claudio Fava, chairman of the European Parliament ad-hoc committee on the CIA prisons matter, and the two also appeared together at the press conference that followed. First of...   (29 afisari)
Taken in
-- The President and the PM have roughly been misinformed by the state institutions. The archive of the PCR (Romanian Communist Party) have never been classified
Dorin Dobrincu, new director of the National Archive (AN), claim that they do not contain classified information and that restricting access to documents has been done by invoking a out-of-date law. Guilty for this are the former directors and AN: Ioan Scurtu, Costin Fenesan and Corneliu Mihail Lungu. "It is likely that a certain...   (24 afisari)
Ukraine provided no information to Romania about the accident
Romania is not confronted to a crisis situation following the ecological accident in Ukraine, that has generated a cloud of phosphorous powder, said yesterday the Romanian minister of Environment, Attila Korodi. He made this statement after the extraordinary meeting of the Interministerial Committee for Emergency Situations. "We have taken measures to keep the situation under control", Korodi added.
The Romanian minister of the Environment...   (227 afisari)
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