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Trap for PSD
Preoccupied with changing, overnight, the defeat into a victory, PSD (Social Democrat Party) leaders engaged the party into a risky political adventure. The "Tour for exploring" the options the other parties have, in order to build up a "transparent parliamentary majority" - in fact an older trap political adversaries set to PSD - may turn out bad for Geoana's party, and particularly for its leaders.
Pretty seriously wounded in the 19 May game, the Social Democrats come...   (30 afisari)
Threatened by Romanians and Americans
-- Badie Arief Izzat, Mohammad Munaf's lawyer, heard as a witness in the jurnalists' kidnapping file before the Court of Appeal - Bucharest
Mohammad Munaf's Iraqi lawyer was heard yesterday by the magistrates of the Court of Appeal Bucharest, as a witness in the file on the Romanian journalists' kidnapping in Iraq and submitted to the court several documents, among which statements Munaf made in Iraq. The court admitted the hearing of Munaf's Iraqi defender,...   (26 afisari)
European Socialists' Directive: PSD freezes negotiations with PD
-- The Social Democrats (Ro. PSD) have been recommended two alternatives from Brussels: to stay in opposition or to make an alliance with PNL (National Liberal Party). Geoana's party (PSD) seems willing to support Tariceanu Cabinet unless it is restructured.
PSD has changed its mind and is more willing now to stay in Opposition. This change of direction has been ordered directly from Brussels, where the European...   (21 afisari)
Liberals appeal to the EPP's decency
-- Europarliamentaries from PNL (National Liberal Party) have turned to the EPP politicians, and have asked them to show a political decency and objectivity in their statements about Romania. The Liberal representatives in the EP have been irritated by the recent statements of Elmar Brok and Markus Ferber who have explicitly suggested early elections or even the enabling of the safeguard clause.
Adina Ioana Valean, Cristian Busoi, Tiberiu Barbuletiu,...   (17 afisari)
Black viper
-- Adriana Cristescu from DIICOT (Department for Investigations on Organized Crime and Terrorism) has forged a document, by the time she worked at the National Anti-Corruption Parquet, to keep behind bars a person she was investigating
The proposition to arrest her has been submitted to the Court of Appeal Oradea, which admitted it. Adriana Cristescu's victim, who has been in detention for almost two years, went on a hunger strike. The protest made the prosecutors'...   (24 afisari)
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