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  Nr. 3887 de vineri, 23 martie 2007 
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The President's resignation
It is a hypothesis expressed by several journalists, Emil Hurezeanu the best known. They have estimated the President may resign in order to win presidential elections later. This is worthy of analysis profounder than the one I tried yesterday. And the editor-in-chief of 'Romania libera' daily has provided more explanations able to back his scenario. After all, what chances is such a spectacular move standing?
Emil Hurezeanu thinks Traian Basescu is a...   (29 afisari)
Invisible military
Ioan Mihai Pacepa uncovers the truth about the DIE (Foreign Intelligence Department): the network that used to fuel Ceausescu's bank accounts, made up of thousands of under cover officers, is almost intact and its members are getting rich.
The ex dictator's mercenaries became legal by Decree 363, one of the most secret documents in the history of Communist Romania. The document on the structure and activity of Ceausescu's spies was so secret that not even PM Manea Manescu...   (45 afisari)
Confirmation from Cotroceni Palace
The DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) prosecutors questioned Lavinia Sandru, a vice president of the PIN (National Initiative Party), yesterday. The hearing was on Sandru's complaint written last montj, regarding the 'suitcases full of money' scandal. Lavinia Sandru provided a document by which Presidency Administration admitted there had been meetings between Theodor Stolojan, a presidency adviser, and the representatives of the ALRO Company.
Before...   (32 afisari)
Why is President Basescu silent?
The leaders of the PNL (National Liberal Party) have been tackling three versions of a government these days: a coalition with the PD (Democrat Party), a Liberal government with parliamentary majority support and the transfer to the opposition. Radical Liberals are insisting for the making of a Liberal government, but this choice has got several disadvantages. The first and the greatest one is that Tariceanu's team would become just a tool close to the...   (29 afisari)
PM summoned to restructure government
The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) summoned the Romanian PM yesterday to restructure the government by Easter or the political opposition would come up with parliamentary bill. The PSD leader Mircea Geoana argued: "We can't possible afford to continue with an unreliable government until Easter. The delay or postponement of a solution to this difficulty is just a temporary solution."
He claimed that, unless the PM presented a restructured...   (22 afisari)
$ 1 million to destroy Basescu
Israeli Tal Zylberstein and US Jewish Arthur Finkelstein, two of the best known experts in electoral strategies, have been working hard for the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and his National Liberal Party.
This is not the first time Zylberstein is working in Romania. Together with his colleagues he worked for several electoral campaigns, the last time for the Social-Democrat Party.
As for Arthur Finkelstein, he is known as 'a political...   (40 afisari)
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