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The gang has split!
Romania's corrupted are the scarecrow. We have heard much talk about "a brotherhood of wolves" in the Interior Ministry for years now, no matter the Ministry officials. Under the rule of Ioan Rus or Vasile Blaga, the last two interior ministers, the same people have reigned over the ministry, covering for each other and shifting posts like in the Ceausescu era. Fatuloiu, Berechet, Pitulescu, Andreescu, Abraham, Ardelean, Costica Voicu & Co. seem to embody the very...   (37 afisari)
The battle involving politicians and officials from the Interior Ministry and the Justice Ministry has got to threats and swearing. The PM and the Liberals fought against the Democrat ministers, whereas the Interior Ministry officials were at loggerheads with the officials of the DGA (General Anti-Corruption Department).
Interior minister Vasile Blaga was powerless in the meeting of the DGA Strategic Committee, actually a battle between the secret services subordinate to the...   (39 afisari)
PM asks interior minister to resign
Romanian Liberals have taken action and yesterday they demanded the ministers from the PD (Democrat Party) to resign. The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu talked to the interior minister Vasile Blaga in private yesterday and asked him to quit. Liberal Radu Stroe threatened the Romanian Justice minister Monica Macovei that he would ask for her resignation publicly.
Both ministers were reproached for their attitude at the ordinance postponing the...   (31 afisari)
Social-Democrats keep doors open for Liberals' leader
PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu delivered a speech on the support for Justice reforms yesterday in the Romanian Senate. The Romanian PM pleaded for that MPs should pass the law to establish the ANI (National Integrity Agency) as soon as possible.
He claimed his speech was not meant to improve his pubic image or raise sensational media issues and demanded senators to treat the ANI draft as priority. Given his attitude yesterday, he seemed...   (23 afisari)
Romanian troop withdrawal is apple of discord
The withdrawal of Romanian troops from Iraq was the apple of discord between the President of Romania Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu in yesterday's meeting, when the Ministry of National Defense presented report on the 2006 activity. Although sharing the table, the President and the PM didn't speak to each other.
The two of them couldn't reach consensus on the matter at stake. The PM claimed that Romanian troops' participation...   (28 afisari)
Ungureanu doesn't take responsibility for Romanian diplomacy failures
Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Romania's foreign minister who resigned a short while ago, presented yesterday a report on his activity in the last two years, refusing to take responsibility for the failures of Romanian diplomacy. The ex minister claimed he was leaving behind a perfect ministry, employing younger staff. But he avoided tackling his failures as minister.
According to the ex minister, although Romanian MPs hadn't...   (31 afisari)
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