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It is defiance of public opinion to play the civil society representative and use such a status for dancing political ballet. It is defiance of public opinion to simulate an imminent peril of the offensive against corruption only to protect someone you are related to by a whole net of interests. It is just mockery if six non-governmental organizations, three of them almost unknown, dare talk to the nation on behalf of hundreds of organizations that haven't granted them with such...   (40 afisari)
One question for Romanians
-- "Do you agree to the organization of elections in uninominal poll stations?" This is the question electors are to be asked in the referendum on the uninominal vote, initiated by the President of Romania Traian Basescu.
The President talked about the uninominal vote to representatives of NGOs preoccupied with the reform of the electoral system yesterday in Cotroceni Palace. He insisted that the question Romanians would be asked by referendum should be clear and...   (32 afisari)
Politicians comment on uninominal vote initiative
-- No need for referendum
Theodor Melescanu, vice president of the National Liberal Party, argued yesterday: "The National Liberal Party is a firm adept of the uninominal vote. The proof is our projects in 2003 and 2005, elaborated after consultations with civil society. Although we haven't reached a final solution yet, we can't see the use of the referendum. A referendum is necessary when the Romanian society reaches controversy. But the...   (21 afisari)
Liberals don't want a government of their own
The Liberals have turned down Romanian Conservatives' ultimatum on the making of a Liberal government by March 12. Theodor Melescanu, a vice president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), said yesterday that the Liberals wouldn't be considering a government restructuring project with no Democrat ministers on the list.
Crin Antonescu, a PNL vice president as well, commented after yesterday's meeting of the PNL Permanent Committee that they...   (24 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Plagiarist Liiceanu
-- Romanian philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu is accused of having plagiarized Heidegger. He invented his own dissidence, he put make up on the work he had written before 1989 and he has generally got problems with morals.
Ion Spanu, both a writer and a journalist, claims that Gabriel Liiceanu plagiarized Martin Heidegger. The director of Humanitas Publishing House presented a text excerpted from 'Sein unt Zeit', the German philosopher's world famous work, as his...   (157 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
ITUC criticizes Romania
The ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) released yesterday a report on the fundamental labor norms internationally recognized in the EU.
In the chapter on Romania there is mentioned that the right to establish a union can't always be carried out, as some company owners tend to prevent the making of unions in their enterprises. There is also added that some other owners establish unions they are in control of in order to counter the activity...   (26 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Unemployed Romanians are whimsical
Unemployed Romanians are in the habit of turning many job offers down, hopeful that they will find larger wages and work closer to their homes, with no shifts and toil.
The Parada/ APEL Foundation closed the PHARE programme on the active integration of the unemployed yesterday. The 1-year programme targeted the districts of Bucharest and Ilfov and it provided counseling and assistance to 183 unemployed Romanians.
Francesco Alosio, a president...   (22 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
"Moldovan Community" to be sacked
-- The Prosecutor's Office in Iasi has appealed against the decision that the "Community of Moldovans in the Moldovan Republic" should be established. The court session is due in March 5. The association's representatives stepped back, claiming the association would dismember in case of being the object of political use, which already happened because of President Voronin's statements.
The above-mentioned association who visited Chishinau was cheered...   (33 afisari)      1 comentariu
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