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Chess with no checkmate
The Constitutional Court is the supreme instance as far as the interpretation of the state's fundamental law is concerned. It decided that President Traian Basescu might hold on power at least during this first mandate. The symmetry principle won't be applied for a referendum meant to dismiss him. He may be dismissed only if half plus one from the total number of citizens with the right to vote go against him. But such a score will never be achieved, simply because...   (25 afisari)
Anti-Basescu scenario
-- The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) wants the President of Romanian suspended at any costs, even if the party has to interpret the law in a certain manner. Mircea Geoana's Social-Democrats considered yesterday the idea to declare the referendum on the suspension the President invalid unless 9 million Romanians went voting. The idea emerged after the Constitutional Court's decision, according to which the President may not be suspended on grounds of simple majority only....
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Exams for Romanian Justice to pass
-- The European Commission's Decision 6569, reached in December 13, 2006, warns Romania about a risk such as the application of the safeguard clause on Justice, unless it manages to fix the deficiencies in the judicial system, persisting after minister Macovei's 'reform' and after the achievements of the Superior Council of Magistracy.
The lack of transparency and efficiency in Justice, the lack of professionalism and objectivity in the approach to the...   (24 afisari)
Romanian agriculture in a messy state
-- Unionists in the agriculture food area criticized the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture for lacking a National Strategic Plan in the field. Because of this, they claimed, it was impossible to access community funding. A document such as the National Strategic Plan is meant to set directions for rural development. Once settled, they may no longer be modified until 2013. Unionists claim such a document was supposed to have reached Brussels for approval...
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LATEST - In Brief
Romania must fulfil commitments
Romania must fulfil commitments at times when it needs the support of the very ones it now wants to abandon as allies. This is what the President of Romania Traian Basescu said yesterday, replying to the statement made one day before by Liberal senator Norica Nicolai. The latter had announced in press conference that the Liberals were going to ask the Parliament to debate on the need to withdraw Romanian troops from Iraq.
The President highlighted:...   (21 afisari)
Distrust in Alliance and President grows
The Liberal-Democrat Alliance in power has lost about 5% in the last three months and it is now rated with a score of 41%. As for the President of Romania Traian Basescu, he has now got 49%, as compared to the 57% he used to stick to. These are the main findings of the latest INSOMAR opinion poll.
As for the hierarchy of parties, the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) comes next after the Alliance, followed by the PNG (New Generation Party)...   (25 afisari)
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