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Cap thrown over windmills
Public opinion is more and more often facing new information about the Golden Blitz clan, guided by the very President of Romania Traian Basescu. Elena Udrea, wife of Mr. Cocos and formerly a friend and adviser of Traian Basescu, is in the center of this clan. The information people get to learn concerns corruption at the highest level possible, just as in the case of the third note, which ZIUA unmasked yesterday.
Basescu committed traffic of influence and...   (35 afisari)
Via Elena
-- ZIUA uncovered yesterday a case of traffic of influence committed by the head of state in order to favor a controversial businessman, whom he helped recuperate more than 100 billion ROL, which he was to get from the Romanian Railways Company. In April 2005 Traian Basescu wrote down clear directions for the transport minister Gheorghe Dobre, thus exceeding his attributions. It is about the President's resolution to a petition authored by the Art Constructii '92 Company belonging...
   (97 afisari)
Saftoiu: "Normal institutional practice"
-- Adriana Saftoiu, a spokeswoman for Romanian Presidency, reacted yesterday to the press article unveiling the Romanian President's resolution to the report written by the Art Constructii '92 Company, which she described as "normal institutional practice, expressing the institution's obligation to analyze the case and decide on a legal solution to it."
According to the spokeswoman, the President of Romania Traian Basescu has got nothing to do with...   (35 afisari)
Prince Radu on Spain as model
-- Romania will be able to influence a part of Europe to the better if it has Spain's dynamic approach to prosperity. This is the conclusion expressed by Prince Radu, a special representative of the Romanian government, after his official visit to Spain.
Here is the Prince arguing: "The Romanians who live or work here are dignified people. They have got a moral sense, they are good citizens with manners and with a sense of responsibility. Maybe they are Romania's...   (32 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Chishinau and Bucharest authorities disagree on visa center
The Moldovan Ministry for Foreign Affairs and European Integration expressed surprise yesterday at Romania's proposal to coordinate the common EU state center to grant visas to the Moldovan Republic, Mediafax Agency informs.
The Romanian interior minister Vasile Blaga comments: "It seems strange that Romanian authorities haven't cared to talk to Moldovan authorities about it. The attitude would have been negative anyway,...   (25 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Russia dislikes EU project on Black Sea states
Moscow officials are already annoyed with Washington's intention to place some elements of the US anti-missile shield in Europe. But they can also feel a new emerging threat, as Brussels authorities are getting ready to launch a new policy on cooperation and security for the Black Sea states.
EU officials intend to release a strategy on the Black Sea region this year. As the accession of Romania and Bulgaria has intensified it,...   (44 afisari)
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