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It's my small country's fault! (II)
The analysis I am talking about tells us what Romanian Communism was and what the dear wanted to achieve - in its green years (of cruel dictatorship), when it got disguised into a revolution, wearing the revolutionary cap over the helmet. I quote: "In Romania Communism was not only of Russian-Soviet origin, but it had national explanations as well. It transformed Romanian society, with its ups and downs. It prepared this society, against its own will,...   (36 afisari)
President Basescu points to Romanian press
Those businessmen who are behind media companies and come from the former Communist regime are in control of the political and economic life in Romania. They are interested that the state should be as weak as possible. This is the opinion the President of Romania Traian Basescu expressed in an interview to the BBC last Tuesday.
The President claimed that very rich businessmen, politicians and media companies were a triangle fighting against...   (32 afisari)
Romania gets ready for new wars
-- The President of Romania Traian Basescu announced two more Romanian troops would be ready to participate at missions abroad.
The decision to make more Romanian soldiers available for NATO so that they would participate at missions in 2007 is a possible clue on Romania's likely involvement in other battlefields in the future. After yesterday's meeting of the CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defense), the President of Romania said there would be two more...   (40 afisari)
PLD asserts Alliance
Theodor Stolojan, formerly a president of the PNL, claimed yesterday that the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party), a political group to be made, was the Democrats' partner within the D.A. ("Truth and Justice" Alliance), as Tariceanu's group was falling to pieces each and every day.
Stolojan claimed it after the meeting of his group's members, when together with the local adepts they talked about how to establish the PLD officially. Stolojan argued: "Right in front of you...   (24 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Solemnity in an empty room
The solemn session of Romanian MPs was meant to commemorate 17 years since the Romanian Revolution in 1989. But it was held in an almost empty room. The President of Romania, the PM and most government members didn't attend. Neither did the presidents of the two Chambers.
Apart from almost one third of MPs, the event was attended by representatives of revolutionaries' organizations, by the Catholic Archbishop Ioan Robu and the president of the Constitutional...   (22 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romania is the first country to condemn communism appropriately
Sorin Iliesiu authors the Appeal demanding that Romanian authorities should condemn the Communist system officially. His opinion is that his initiative has been carried out due to the President's speech in the Parliament, on grounds of the report elaborated by the presidential commission for analysis of the Communist dictatorship.
Iliesiu explains in an open letter the significance of such a historical event, also...   (34 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Benyatov closer to freedom
The Bucharest Court of Appeal admitted yesterday the request to revoke warrant against Vadim Benyatov, now under criminal investigations for intelligence in the 'privatization case'. The Court replaced the warrant for precautionary arrest with interdiction to leave Romania.
Benyatov is to stay under arrest until the court reaches verdict on prosecutors' appeal at the High Court of Justice against the decision. Benyatov's lawyer Cristian Iordanescu...   (44 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Magistrates complain about public opinion's influence
The CSM (Superior Council of Magistrates) and Transparency International presented the press yesterday a piece of research on how magistrates perceived the independence of the judiciary system. According to the research, as compared to last year, judges and prosecutors claim that in late 2006 they can feel the improvement of their independence. Magistrates think the pressure from politics, press and groups of interests is somehow...   (27 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
National security laws are adrift
The president of Romania Traian Basescu said after yesterday's meeting of the CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defense) that the government's version of the national security laws needed "substantial changes". He explained that the intelligence services could not work like some NGOs, because their duty was to protect citizens at times of peace. The President commented: "We must make sure the intelligence services aren't used against citizens...   (25 afisari)
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