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The crowned Romanian currency
-- Romanian national currency (Leu) has been declared by Bloomberg as "the most competitive in the world" in 2006, with prospects as good as these for the next year too
We've lived to see this! After having been, for years on end, the most beaten, the Romanian currency, in its new version, a "harder" one, has become, in a little more than a year, an international star. Bloomberg, the well-known agency of financial news and information, remarks the fact that the Romanian...   (39 afisari)
Appreciation of the Romanian currency as seen from the inside
Radu Ghetea, president of the Romanian Banks Association (Ro: ARB): "The appreciation is also defined by circumstantial elements"
"Such an evolution of the national currency is only meant to please us. The problem is that it would be better that this strengthening of the national currency as compared to the other currencies is the true reflection of a strong economy, of an economy growing by the same percentage as compared to the US...   (26 afisari)
Atomic president
-- Basescu supports the idea of building the 3rd and 4th reactors with funds from private investors
President Traian Basescu said yesterday, at Cernavoda, that he didn't supported a State investment in building up the 3rd and the 4th reactors and that he was favourable to private investment. "Of course, we also have the option of a State investment, which is extremely possible. I would like to make it very clear to everybody that we have this option - an now, if I wanted you to applaud...   (20 afisari)
Yellow flag, turned red behind bars
-- Romania risks the activation of the specific safeguard clauses by its accession, as it hasn't solved the problem related to the improvement of the conditions in penitentiaries according to the EU standards asked for in the latest Regular Country Reports
The generalized revolt of the convicted in the entire country was the last drop that made Romania's cup run over right in the middle of preparations for the celebrations regarding its accession on January 1,...   (20 afisari)
The "Penitentiaries" Diversion
-- After having supported Meir's project, the National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP) and the Ministry of Justice suddenly changed their mind
Nati Meir's project, providing the pardon of the convicted who committed infractions of a reduced social danger, is considered the main cause of what happened in the Romanian penitentiaries. However, things are not quite so. Meir's initiative was supported even by some of those who now declare themselves against the project....   (15 afisari)
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